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Identity Theft, Theft >100,000.00, Financial Loan Fraud, Forgery

Case Conclusion Date: 12.16.2013

Practice Area: White Collar Crime

Outcome: NOT GUILTY on ALL Counts after 5+ day jury trial

Description: Seller of Property accused of Count 1. Identity Theft, Counts 2 &3 Theft >100,000.00, Count 4 Financial Loan Fraud, and Count 5. Forgery. State has @1200 pages of documents and list of witnesses that implicate our client. Creative and aggressive Defense Motions in Limine restrict the State's ability to connect our client to the wrongdoing. Motion to sever our client's case from co-defendant's case is sustained. Defense's meticulous attention to detail and synopsis yields multiple demonstrative exhibits. Co-defendant found guilty of all counts; our client is found NOT GUILTY on ALL COUNTS.

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