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Terence C Mullen

Terence Mullen’s client reviews

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  • Terry Mullen Review

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Tom

    Terry provided a healthy balance between stewardship of my costs as well as my position in my divorce settlement case. He was very efficient and getting the salient points across to me, ensuring I was clear on the next steps, the impact and consequences and did an excellent job in forging the strategy to close my case quickly and completely. In Terry's way, he made sure I "understood" and digested what was happening, nudged me in the right directions and helped me get through this difficult time, protecting me along the way.

    He took this case over in the 11th hour and I was delighted in Terry's quick grasp of the facts and the truth.

    I would have no hesitation recommending Terry to my closest friends and colleagues.

  • Professional Reference

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Elizabeth

    I have known and worked with Terrance Mullen for several years as my attorney. I highly recommend him for legal services. He is consistently pleasant to work with and offers unique insight to situations that require not only legal counsel but honest judgment. I have benefitted from his empathetic support and counsel as well as thoughtfulness in challenging decisions that I have had to make on occasion.

    Mr. Mullen's ability to balance a personal approach to law while at the same time, maintain a professional demeanor is outstanding for an attorney and, I believe, contributes to his success. He is also a committed and concerned citizen in the community around him; volunteering his time freely and demonstrating a genuine concern for others. He oftentimes gives beyond that which is customary, which is rare given the requrirements of his time and profession and qualities for which I could not recommend him more highly.

  • This Attorney Will Work For You Like No Other

    5.0 stars

    Posted by SG

    I called Terence for help, and he immediately wanted to get the ball rolling. Feeling sympathy for my ex, I told him I'd call him back if things worsen. Days later, the situation got worse and I called him back, unfortunately it was already towards the end of the day and court was not in session and there was a long upcoming holiday weekend. During this 4 day stretch, Terry took endless phone calls from me, sorting things out before filing an Emergency Order of Protection and other motions. When my son's mother got the police department got involved, Terry stood strongly by our side through out the whole process and looked out for the best interests of my son. Words could not describe how much of a difficult time this was to get through, and without him, my son would have been in a harmful and dangerous situation. Terence is an outstanding, top notch attorney with incredible experience and deep knowledge in family law. I wholeheartedly recommend Terence Mullen 100%. Thank you Terry for your hard work!

  • Fair lawyer

    3.0 stars

    Posted by a Divorce client

    Mr. Mullen is a very busy attorney. If you have a complex case and need close attention to every detail, I do not recommend Terence. He is fair and knowledgeable, but lacks communication. He definitely has built rapport with the judges and seems well respected, but I would not hire him again.