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John P. Yetter

About John Yetter

About me

John Yetter has spent seventeen years in the practice of criminal defense. Since graduating near the top of his class from the University of Dayton School of Law in 1996 he has made it his goal to provide the best defense available for people prosecuted by the government. He earned admission to the Illinois Bar in 1996, the United States District Court in 2003 and the United States Supreme Court in 2006. Currently his practice includes State and Federal criminal litigation, administrative law and state and federal appeals.

As a public defender John was assigned to a variety of special courts. He spent years in DUI court and domestic violence court. He then spent extended periods in general courtrooms where he was involved in the defense of people charged with crimes ranging from speeding tickets to capital murder. After doing hundreds of motions and trials, he entered private practice.

For the last fourteen years he has defended juveniles and adults all over Illinois in both State and Federal courts. He has handled major felony cases in no less than fifteen counties in Illinois. He has a proven, unparalleled track record in helping individuals regain their right to drive and has published widely on the issues facing individuals with driver’s license problems. From circuit court motions and judgment negotiations to hearings before the Secretary of State, his level of success is singular. 

The Yetter Law Group, Ltd. is a recognized leader in providing high quality defenses to complex prosecutions through the use of an extensive network of experts and high level trial skills. John has practiced throughout Illinois and has practiced in the United States Supreme Court.

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