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Michael Harry Minton

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    Posted by Patricia Homeless

    Misleading and Costly

    In addition to all of the above, he placed a document for his fees of $173,000 into a stack of Real Estate Documents that I was unaware of and went to the closing. He then took all the proceeds of my home, which was supposed to partially satisfy my alimony arrearage. He then left me homeless with no income after a 37 year marriage with millions of dollars in equity.

    The outcome was so botched, the case was appealed by another skilled attorney, where the judgement was REVERSED and REMANDED for retrial. In the process, however, Mr. Minton took my equity and I am without representation for a retrial.
    He also coached me to state that he would help in the Appeal , however, I was coached by Mr. Minton and Mr. Shapiro to acknowledge them as kind enough to not abandon my case. $200,000 later, I could go on and on.....It makes me sick.
    He encouraged me to sell my home so I would get another place to live, yet he kept the proceeds at closing.
    He also had me pay for the appraisals and other expenses along the way and kept the retainer. Do not trust this attoney with anything!

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Robert M.

    Overall quality of character in a law firm

    The Minton Firm is equipped to handle various legal matters. I've used the Minton Firm primarily for business cases. The Firm has been extremely helpful and knowledgeable in case review, preparation and representation. If the business case did not merit pursuit then it was explained to me objectively including any alternative options that may be available.

    I have been working with the Firm for many years and I do rely on the Firm for sound advice which I have always received. The Firm is highly professional, motivated to exceed client expectations, and adheres to the Code of Conduct that one would expect to help resolve legal issues. In addition, the Firm is helpful outside of the legal realm by engaging with the business communities and promoting networking in areas that may not be traditionally thought of.

    I highly recommend the Minton Firm to new and existing clientele to see how they may best represent your interests.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by PC

    Single Dad Fighting for his Children

    Mr. Minton has gained his high reputation mostly from defending the house wife. I were to become (and still am) a single dad and hired him for my divorce and child custody case because my opponent would be the typical house wife. He also came highly recommended by my boss whose best friend had lost his own divorce case to Mr. Minton but gained respect and admiration in the process.
    Mr. Minton was able to secure my paternal rights so that I have enjoyed a true 50/50 (both joint custody and shared residential custody) since my divorce in 2004. My primary concern was time with my children as time is influence. In my case, I needed time to teach my children right from all the wrong the mother had imposed upon them (boyfriends, drugs and indecent exposure of the children). I am happy to report they are now fine young men.
    I am very thankful to Mr. Minton for the outcome of the case and have treasured the time with my children every since.
    On a personal level, Mr. Minton is a very kind person with a genuine interest in your well-being. When he discovered during the divorce proceedings that I sat home alone every night, he started inviting me to social activities to kick start my new social life. I will forever be thankful for that.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Patrick


    Mr. Michael Minton has been Detrimental in the handling of my Divorce case, to protect my rites as a Father. If is wasn't for him and his Team, and their unrelentless efforts and skill, I would have not been able to be the influential factor in my childs life.
    Since returning from my 2 1/2 years of duty in Iraq, The Minton team has been the forward point man on my squad. A big "BROVO ZULU" to him and his team. A job very well done.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by a Divorce client

    Saved my life and put the pieces back together

    Michael Minton was incredibly patient throughout my case. He always had a strategy and I always knew I could count on him. His faith and confidence in me helped me through a very difficult time in my life. Michael is amazing in his thought process and nothing excapes his memory. His staff is also incredibly knowledgeable and reliable. I was always made to feel that I was in good hands which lowered my stress level which was unbelieveable.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Michael

    The Best!

    True professional lawyers with a great personal touch that got my case settled without problems. They have an incredible talent.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Mark

    Michael Minton Review

    Mr. Minton is the best lawyer I have ever worked with, he has always found quick, positive resolution to any legal situation we have ever encountered.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Eileen

    Outstanding Family Law Attorney

    Michael Minton is an experienced, knowledgeable, and responsive family law attorney. He was the third attorney in my post decree case and had to clean up some messes caused by my previous attorneys. He has gone above and beyond with regards to getting to know the particular matters in my case and has helped me to develop a legal strategy to accomplish my goals. He is well organized and extremely articulate in the courtroom. He is well respected by his peers and judges alike. He has been willing to collaborate with other attorneys on various matters in my post decree case. Michael is committed to fighting for your rights and will do whatever it takes to get the job done.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by a Divorce client

    The Minton Firm

    My case was very challenging. Three years of fighting for me Michale won the horrible battle!

  • 1.0 star

    Posted by Adeline

    20 year fan's eyes opened, pocketbook drained.

    Having known of and following Mr. Minton's career for 20 years I was a fan of the image he presented as one that stands up for and protects a women's value, her hope and most important - her financial security and stability.
    I met Mr. Minton as a client of the company I worked for and over the years bumped into him during several charitable social functions. He was always quick to offer his warm smile, protective fatherly arm and kind words of encouragement. Minton had gone so far during one of those social encounters to offer his services free of charge when told I was divorcing. Fortunately, that union ended civilly, and inexpensively pro-se by my former husband and myself.
    Some years later, resulting from a new relationship, I found myself in a custody fight. I turned to Minton for advice on who HE would hire for his own daughter as I knew I could NOT Minton (several acquaintances spoke of bills in excess of 25,000 for just 6 mos. of work.) Minton, in the his familiar paternal fashion literally wrapped his arm about my shoulders and told me he would protect me and let him decide if he was too expensive for me. After a review of my financial information page (in his hands: showing only part-time work, @ 36k a year - a fully responsible, mortgage paying mom) he said 5k was as low as he could go. He also said he was not charging to "learn" my case, and that he would petition to go after the opposing party for his fees.
    I paid his fee, with a loan from my Dad. I told Minton personally, in client intake forms, and in subsequent emails that we MUST petition to have fees paid back by the opponent in my case - a fully working man living then utilities-free, car-payment-free, duty free, and rent-free with his mom.
    8 months of continuances later (every one requested by opposing counsel, and agreed to without stipulation as to who paid for all these continuances, by Minton, and only by orders of the judge - we finally had a custody negotiation meeting - literally in the cafeteria of the courthouse. I wish I could say the meeting went well - but after watching the attorneys arguing for 5 hours over the trees - mine completely forgot about the forest and in fact - argued with ME - right there - over things I had said months prior were important to me.
    After having been handed off to one associate/intern after another, re-telling my story, re-writing the emails of concern, reiterating the desired outcomes, and petitioning to correct the errors made by Minton's associates - I should not have been surprised, but was instead knocked shell-shocked by the VERY first account invoice I received - yes 8 months AFTER I agreed to go into debt $5,000 and no more... for another $9000 dollars. YES - NINE THOUSAND. One better: he even sought a court judgment, 2 months BEFORE the end of my case, in which his motion states I received notice of that judgment hearing, that I agreed to such fees, and that I agreed to waive my right to APPEAR at this judgment hearing. (Really? My signature is on his motion too. That signature, I have no record of affixing, nor proof of how it got there.)
    Motivated by the treatment of other, less famous attorneys, and this one - a man I had developed a special relationship of trust with spanning 20 years - I returned to school to earn a paralegal degree so I could go to work for attorneys that would take these types of attorneys down: the types than extend litigations, withhold bills to keep clients in the dark about expenses - and even those that put their arms around the shoulders of naive - should know better - women looking for another easy judgement target.
    I now know, your attorney:
    1. Owes a fiscal responsibility to handle your money judicially and with your FULL knowledge of how it is being spent.
    2. MUST invoice in a timely fashion so as to keep you informed of his fees.
    3. MUST petition for fees from opponent within the statute of limitations or face malpractice.
    Tough Lessons!