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Richard Joseph Albanese

About Richard Albanese

About me

My name is Richard Albanese and I am an attorney uniquely geographically located to provide exceptional representation to residents of Illinois and Wisconsin. I am fully licensed and actively practicing in both Illinois and Wisconsin. I routinely handle criminal misdemeanors, felonys, traffic, DUI and OWI cases in both states and advise clients on the possible interstate consequences.

I have twelve years experience as a criminal prosecutor serving in Cook County, one of the largest offices in the country. My exposure to massive caseloads has provided me with the tremendous opportunity to handle thousands of cases, motions and trials in all areas of criminal law and to also learn how the prosecutors think and approach cases, which sets me apart from many defense attorneys. I am very much at home in the courtroom and am well known for my courtroom "presence" and common sense arguments that judges and jurors respond favorably to.

I have also proudly served the in the United States Military and was a member of the NATO Operation Joint Endeavor to Bosnia. My philosophy and approach to handling all cases is to remain professional and courteous to the court and adversaries in handling all matters and to demonstrate a ready and strong willingness to fight for my clients at motion or trial if a favorable disposition cannot be reached. I believe in full explanations to clients regarding all possible decisions that need to be made as well as potential outcomes and consequences regarding every case I handle. Please dont hesitate to contact me for a free consulatation regarding your case or for a referral to one of my professional extensive contacts in other areas of the law.

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