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Ronald Lee Bell

Ronald Bell’s client reviews

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  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Loretta

    Hired Attorney

    I like my lawyer

    Mr. Bell and his staff were very helpful to my husband and me. He is very professional and also a kind person. We were successful in our case. I would highly recommend him to anyone.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Stephen

    Highly Satisfied

    Ronald brought notable care and attention to the particular needs and dynamic of our family circumstances. Creative and insightful in addressing our challenges, he presented us with multiple options and painstakingly explained the implications of each. With his guidance, we felt well equipped to make a series of informed legal decisions and take the steps needed to protect our interests. We would return without hesitation.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Todd

    A Divorce Made Manageable with the outstanding help of Ronald Bell.

    I wanted to write this review for my outstanding attorney Ronald Bell. Ron was able to turn a very unpleasant divorce into a manageable divorce. I was able to work side by side with Ron and his team of professionals throughout this whole experience. It was truly a pleasure working with Ron and Doreen. Ron helped me along through this whole process from A-Z, in the office as well as in court. Thanks again for all your help. If your looking for an attorney, Ron's your man.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Karen

    Professional and Compassionate- the best!

    I needed an attorney when I found out my ex- husband cashed out the stocks we had set aside for our youngest daughter's education. I did a search for attorneys I my area and Ronald Bell was at the top of that list. I made an appointment with him and was visibly upset when we met. His down to earth demeanor along with his knowledge set me at ease that day- I have not forgotten to this day. In addition to that the young lady who checked me in that day was one of the nicest people I have ever met. When it was time to go to court Ron handled everything and was direct with the opposing attorney as to my wants. Thanks to Ron- my daughter is I her second college year and will graduate with little debt. I couldn't thank him enough for all he did for me. I continue to recommend him to anyone looking for a great attorney. Thank you again Ron!

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by a client


    Ron Bell is very aggressive and knowledgeable. When getting divorced do as he says it's only in your best interest even if you don't like what he has to say. I got everything I wanted even after at times I wanted to give up he still fought for me. The day of my divorce waiting outside the court room waiting my turn Ron Bell approached another attorney and started arguing for a different client of his so that showed me that his clients are always on his mind. Thank you again Ron Bell

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Happy Client

    There are lawyers and there are lawyers that become your friend, family, advocate and triumphant

    Loud and mean and combative does not equate to a better lawyer, outcome or to Ron bells style.

    Ron bell is about settling your case for and with the benefits of the children first, you second as I feel it should be.

    Understand, though Ron is far from a push over, I would not want to be on the opposing side that played unfair or dirty against him.

    My case is unique for my custody case dealt with a special needs child that has a profound cognitive deficit along with medical issues.

    However, I felt as well as Ron that the preponderance of evidence was in my favor to be awarded the vast majority of visitation, even sole custody, Ron looked at the bigger long-term picture and tried hard to facilitate a fair, and equitable settlement for all that would best suit my special child.

    Even with a loud, egotistical and arrogant IMHO opposing attorney, Ron handled himself professionally, though threw and connected his punches when appropriate and stifled me when I went off on the opposing attorney (he, the opposing attorney deserved it).

    Most important to you regarding this review is I walked away with the vast majority of time with my child, eliminated all the financial issues and can meet with my gods knowing it was handled properly.

    Ron never lost any of the battles and won the case hands down.

    The next most important consideration, fees!

    Ron’s bill for handling the last 5 months of this 9-month case was less than two other lawyers with room to spare. Ron only bills for time worked on the case and Ron took my calls 24x7, and I mean this. He or his office would return my calls and texts in minutes or hours and even sooner, when I said it was an emergency

    I know most other lawyers would have billed me 50,000 or more while my total bill was a fraction of this amount. Ron attended four way meetings, status calls, hearings, time with witnesses and numerous face-to-face meetings with me as well as several calls.

    Bottom line I still receive texts and calls from Ron and his office just asking how things are going. I know they sincerely care.

    Therefore, in my opinion after an ugly contested divorce 10 years back, other custody battles, and this final contested custody battle I am glad I found Ron Bell, I, and my special needs child sincerely recommend Ron bell to represent you and your family for all matters of law.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Terri

    Divorced at 6 weeks

    I choose Ron Bell for my divorce of 15 years because of the reviews online, it was the quality of personal attention that I got during this difficult time, never had to wait for an answer and was filed and done in 6 weeks. Time to move forward .

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Zachery


    I got married while I was on active duty and got out and joined my local reserve unit out here. When my former spouse asked for a divorce I had a week before I had to go out of state for almost a year to find a good divorce lawyer. I came across Ron on a google search and met up with him and explained everything that was going on. While I was away he made every attempt to answer my phone calls and answer any questions I had and kept my mind at ease with the whole process. He really knows what hes doing and will be very up front with you. I have nothing but good things to say about him and would recommend him to friends or family.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Stacy

    Blindsided after 20 years!

    In late September, my husband asked me for a divorce after 20 years of marriage! Feeling betrayed and totally alone, I searched for any help / advice that I could get. I Googled "Divorce Attorney" and was fortunate enough to find Mr. Bell. I was able to schedule an appointment with him immediately and I began to feel better as he guided me in the right direction. Less than 90 days later, my divorce is now final and although still very raw and painful, I feel that the next Chapter in my life is now beginning. Having never experienced this level of pain in my life before, it was so comforting to have such a knowledgeable Attorney and staff in my corner! I will Definitely keep his number handy, should I ever need any legal assistance in the future! If you need someone professional, Reliable and compassionate, please give him a call. You won't be disappointed!

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Toni

    Mr. Bell's negotiation skills are not to be reckoned with!

    I was stopped on US Highway 55 for an accident that was in front of me with nowhere to go when I was rear ended by two vehicles. I had a very difficult and complicated case because of the two other motorists. The wanted separate claims and jurisdiction. I had many injuries (previous, related and unrelated). I would not have received hardly any compensation for my injuries without Mr. Bell’s help. But we won with tremendous results. I was impressed with Mr. Bell’s knowledge, straight forwardness, honesty, and his negotiation skills are not to be reckoned with! He is one who plays to the letter of the law to build a strong foundation. He and his exceptional staff worked very hard to gather all medical and personal witnesses to attest to my character and the changes that had occurred in me. I always felt taken care of and respected by not only Mr. Bell but also his entire staff. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him.