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Failure to Register as a Sex Offender in Illinois is a felony, and can be charged based on many things. Chicago criminal lawyer Steve Fagan explains that some of those things have nothing to do with your intent. Visit
Yes, the good stuff matters. The good stuff, called mitigation, is very important to your criminal defense lawyer. If you face criminal or DUI charges, whether felony or misdemeanor, you need to share the good background about yourself with your attorney. 800-454-4LAW (4529)
A Chicago area criminal lawyer and DUI attorney answers the question: I wasn't read my Miranda rights - will my case be dismissed?

I passed that DUI eye test, so why was I arrested for DUI in Illinois? See for more videos like this, and the answers to your questions.
Dealing with the stress of a DUI or Criminal defense in Illinois.
Alternative dispositions (sentencing) and deferred prosecution in Illinois criminal cases, and specifically in Chicago and the Cook County Criminal Court are discussed, and should be considered in your case.
Chicago criminal lawyer and DUI attorney answers - how you can prove you're not guilty in an Illinois criminal or DUI? When facing felony or misdemeanor criminal charges, the urge to prove you are not guilty is powerful. You are presumed to be innocent.
When arrested for DUI in Illinois, the officer will typically take your plastic driver's license. That's not the important part - you lose your driving privileges 46 days after being given a "Notice of Statutory Summary Suspension". So how to get it back?
Fagan, Fagan & Davis attorneys Joseph M. Fagan, Steven H. Fagan, Alan T. Davis, Jeffrey A. Fagan, Michael R. Epton, dedicated to the defense of people facing DUI criminal and traffic matters in the Chicago area.
Does it matter if you have a "DUI Lawyer" in Illinois for your case? Is quality important, or can any Chicago lawyer defend you effectively? Watch the video to find out.
Want to hear about my time serving on a jury here in Cook county and why it proved you need a lawyer for your criminal, DUI or even traffic case? Watch the video, then contact us for a consultation!
Learn more about clearing your criminal background in Illinois through the process of expungement (also called expunction) or sealing. Most misdemeanors are eligible, and some felony cases as well.
Why is police car video important to your DUI defense? How can your Illinois DUI lawyer use a video of your arrest? Watch the video to learn more, then call Fagan, Fagan & Davis for more or visit us at
Chicago criminal attorney Steve Fagan answers the question - "can the complaining witness or victim dismiss the charges in my criminal domestic violence case if they don't want to testify?" Visit for help with your case.
Illinois DUI lawyer Steve Fagan answers the question: if my driver's license is suspended for DUI in Illinois, can I get a permit to drive for work?
More than one DUI charge or ticket but only arrested once in Illinois? Watch the video to find out why you might have more than one ticket and what this means.
How long is my DUI license suspension if I had a prior DUI?
Arrest for DUI or drunk driving in Illinois where you've had a prior DUI results in a statutory summary suspension of a drivers license. Illinois DUI lawyer Steve Fagan explains.

Arrest for DUI or drunk driving in Illinois results in a statutory summary suspension of a drivers license for as few as six months up to three years, so how long can you expect your driver's license to be suspended according to Illinois DUI law?
DUI in Illinois can be a misdemeanor or felony. Jail is possible, and in some cases required. Additional penalties include loss of driving privileges by suspended license or revoked license and significant fines. A skilled DUI trial lawyer is a must.
There are different kinds of criminal offenses in Illinois. In addition to business class offenses and quasi-criminal matters like petty offenses punishable by only a fine, there are felony and misdemeanor charges. Watch the video to learn more about it.
Can a defendant be charged with Retail Theft without leaving the store?
Retail Theft can be charged as a class A misdemeanor or a felony. Most people think of Retail Theft as shoplifting, but there are many other possibilities. Watch the video for more.
Did you ever think a speeding ticket would be a crime in Illinois? It can be - in some cases it's a misdemeanor offense punishable by jail. Watch the video to learn more.
Ever wonder what the difference is between Assault and Battery in Illinois criminal law? Whether a misdemeanor or felony, it's important to understand what these terms mean - watch the video, where Steve Fagan explains.
Chicago DUI attorney Steve Fagan answers the question: if arrested for DUI, is your driver's license suspended right away?
Although a suspension for DUI is automatic, many people are confused as to when it begins. 
Watch to learn more!
Chicago area Criminal defense attorney Steven H. Fagan explains what to wear to your court appearance date in Illinois, and why it's important.   
Watch the video to learn more.

Prior DUI convictions make a big difference in Illinois DUI law, and may affect your options.
Steve discusses Illinois DUI arrests involving breath blood or urine tests.
Clearing criminal records in Illinois involves either expungement or sealing.  A careful evaluation of eligibility for either process is important. Call me at the Chicago area law firm of Fagan, Fagan and Davis for a free evaluation.

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Thank you for reviewing my profile.  I am a founding member of the law firm of Fagan, Fagan & Davis.  In addition to trying hundreds of Criminal and DUI cases, I've pursued more than a thousand pre-trial motions and have argued before the Illinois Appellate Court. Each year I and the lawyers in my law firm undergo training and education that far exceeds that required by the State Bar, specifically seeking to add to our knowledge of DUI, Criminal Defense and general trial advocacy skills. I am a member of the National College for DUI Defense, the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, and the National Trial Lawyers: Top 100 Trial Lawyers


Fagan, Fagan & Davis focuses on DUI, Criminal and traffic defense. We've defended thousands of cases throughout Cook, Lake and DuPage counties, and we'd love the opportunity to help you.   That means that whether you must appear in Chicago, Waukegan, Skokie, Rolling Meadows, Maywood, Bridgeview, Wheaton, Markham, or other courthouses in those counties, we have the experience and reputation to put forward the best defense available and get you the best results possible.


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