Timothy N. Baldwin

Timothy N. Baldwin

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I am a Rights attorney. I became an attorney not so I could become wealthy, but so I could advocate for the rights of individuals and to provide protection from governmental and individual abuse.


I am an ardent student of political philosophy and jurisprudence. I believe in the principles that formed the foundation of America's constitutional system and desire to protect and advance those principles.


I practiced in Florida from 2004 to 2010. I began practicing law as a Florida Assistant State Attorney and then started my own practice in 2006 where I handled a variety of matters and created a unique legal services program for property management companies.


In 2010, I moved to Montana where I started a new life with my wife and (at that time) new born child. I have handled some "high profile" cases in Montana and have since joined the Lerner Law Firm.


I continue to advocate and protect the rights of the people. I handle criminal defense, civil rights litigation, and constitutional law, among other matters. I am honored to be engaged in this high honor of practicing law.