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Brianne Franklin’s client reviews

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  • Worst Lawyer EVER!!!! Let me tell you why....

    1.0 star

    Posted by a Child Custody client

    If you are looking for a lawyer who won't call you back, will sit back while your case is going on and do nothing, offer you little to no feedback and won't follow through on what she says she will then you've come to the right place. Another lawyer who was related to her recommended we hire her and it was obviously a biased recommendation. Before filling out the paperwork for a parenting plan we ask for advise on it and wanted to set up an appointment. Called several times to attempt getting in touch and left messages, after tracking her down at her office she offered no feedback on the parenting plan after she had sat on it for weeks without calling back and having the paperwork in her possession. This made it impossible to move forward with the case. During a child support hearing she barely talked at all and didn't give much advice before the hearing and was again difficult to contact until the last minute. Brianne would make promises and not follow through. She said "I will file your parenting plan on X day". A month later and two and a half weeks of calls and finally having to track her down at her office we found out it was not filed. Not really a surprise after everything else she had not done. Even though we had paid the retainer she said she did not "want" to take the case. Rarely anyone is in the office to answer the phone and no one calls you back. If you need advise or you want to be informed you'd better hope she felt like showing up the day you have to drive down to her office to get in touch. Can't really tell you how informed she was because it was difficult to ever really talk to her and get information or advice. It's like she doesn't want to be a lawyer and she set the case back MONTHS. When you're trying to get time to see your kids or your dealing with anything that involves going to court you don't want to have to wait, deal with someone making promises they won't keep, or hope your lawyer will call you back and do what she has already been paid to do. I highly suggest you find someone else.