Gretchen Handy was a court appointed attorney. My first court appearance, she spent 15 minutes talking to the prosecution and 2 minutes to me. She gave me her telephone number . But she never returned phone calls, I repeat NEVER RETURNED PHONE CALLS, and never told me what she was doing on my case. On more than one occasion she scolded me for being guilty but never asked me what happen . I asked for and received my file. I found out she didn't do anything, The prosecution stalled, asking for continuance after continuance. Handy was happy to agree to all seven of them. When I was falsely arrested on a technical violation, I found out from ANOTHER attorney the prosecution sent an email telling Handy she (the prosecution) had me arrested because she was loosing control. Handy let it happen and didn't defend me against the prosecutor. I wanted a trial but Handy said that was her decision to make not mine. I reported this in a letter to her supervisor. The prosecution threatened my witnesses and Handy delivered the messages. Her supervisor told me I was "just lucky to have an attorney'" And any more complaints and I will not have an attorney. I thought I had the right to an attorney, but I was proven wrong.