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  • I applied H1 visa this year it is in RFE status. My i 94 got expired.

    I applied H1 visa this year with a valid i94 status. My visa is L2-EAD. I got RFE status of H1 but my i 94 got expired. Will you please help me on this issue.

    F.’s Answer

    Actually you didn't apply ... some company that wants to hire you filed ... the papers are their property, not yours.

    What did the lawyer working for the company have to say about the fact that you can't be working right now?

    What did he/she suggest?

    Please tell us that you're talking to the lawyer and not a NON-ATTORNEY in HR.

    Also, please tell us that this isn't an 'IT consultancy job shop' that wants to send you to client jobsites.

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  • Hi.I filled my N-400 Application.

    I broke my continuous residency,because I got married in my original country . All of my direct family are in the states,and all of them are american citizens. Is this enough/evidence that I didn't intend to break my continuous residency?will ...

    F.’s Answer

    You forgot to tell us how long you were out of the US when you got married?

    PS having USC family is nice ... but of no value in your case.

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  • Is it possible to transfer from H4 to H1B with a new employer as cap exempt, if my current employer revoke my H1B.

    Currently I am in USA in H4 visa but has approved H1B petition. If due to some reason my current employer revoke my H1B petition, will it be possible for me to do the transfer at any later point of time as cap exempt with any other new employer.

    F.’s Answer

    Did you ever go to work for the employer that paid for, sponsored & owns the H-1 papers?

    Talk to an attorney in private, if you never went to work for the company those papers may no longer be of any value to you.

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  • I'm a permanent resident based on Asylum. I want to change my first and last name! how long it takes? and do i need a help?

    I'm a permanent resident based on Asylum. I want to change my first and last name! how long it takes? and do i need a help from a lawyer? Also, i'm confused about the time i can apply for the citizenship? is it 5 years after entering United st...

    F.’s Answer

    This is not an immigration question. Talk to a civil law attorney in OH

    OR ... wait until you become a US Citizen, you can change your name then.

    More information is needed on the dates & how you got asylum before the 5 years can be calculated.

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  • Immigration advice

    Hello, I am a US citizen from Los Angeles and my husband (Ali) is an Egyptian. We currently live in Egypt and have been married for six months. My husband already has a visitor visa to the US. I want to file for a green card for him. And I noti...

    F.’s Answer

    My colleagues are correct ... once the two of you decide to move to the US ... he should NOT use the B visa to come to the US.

    Rather, he must go through the 'proper' immigrant process at the US Consulate.

    Consider a Skype consultation with an attorney, many of us do international Skype consultations.

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  • I-VISA

    I have a I-VISA and i wanted to get a social security number.I went to the ss office they said i need i-766 to get social security .What are the options.

    F.’s Answer

    Let's start by having you tell us what the lawyer who prepared the I-visa papers had to say.

    He/she should be able to communicate with the SS office's supervisor.

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  • What are my options? Please any legal suggestions or help would be greatly appreciated.

    Hello everyone, I'm an international student, I have a AS in Maths, BS in Actuarial Science and MS in Actuarial Science. I have been here since Nov 2006, and finished my studies in December 2012. I have used up all my OPT time ( the 1yr and t...

    F.’s Answer

    Going back to school to get a 'downward' degree may not have been the best idea ... later on CIS could challenge whether or not that was 'proper'.

    Options? They are highly limited if there aren't any employers interested in hiring you. What's the problem,? Tough job market for actuaries?

    Perhaps a private consultation with an attorney via Skype will help you to explore your options.

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  • Need information about immigrant fee

    I want to know where I can find the department of state case ID to pay up the immigrant fee for my family. Thanks

    F.’s Answer

    The ID (case number and fee bill number) will be on the e-mail that the NVC will send you ... when they are ready to process the case.

    Don't get 'eager' and start calling them immediately after CIS approves the petition ... wait a minimum of 90 days before you contact the NVC.

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  • Do I still need to provide evidence of assets and/or a joint sponsor if I can prove I meet the current income requirement?

    I received a "Request for Initial Evidence (I-485)" in the mail requesting the following: 1) evidence of petitioner/sponsor current income, 2) supporting tax documentation for most recent tax year and 3) based on the documents submitted with Form...

    F.’s Answer

    Why not spend a couple hundred and have an attorney help prepare a response.

    Most likely you'll be OK ... if you give them what they ask for.

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