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  • What can i study on a b2/b1 visa in the united states?

    I understand that i cannot take a credit long term course at an educational institution but other than that can i take a non-credited/non degree course on my b1/b2 visa, like an English course/ SAT course/ private tutoring/ SAT preparatory for lik...

    F.’s Answer

    Read Ms. Marty's answer.

    My quick response is that it must be 'fun' classes (language, art, pottery, etc.) and for fewer than 8 hours per week.

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  • What's the penalty if I overstay 2 months after my given stay on my I-94 expires


    F.’s Answer

    If the B visa you used to enter was for multiple entry ... it is automatically VOID and you must apply for a new one at the US Consul ... even if it looks like it's not expired .. it is VOID.

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  • I heard if petitioner abounded her green card she abounded her family's green card, is it true?

    Dear Sir/Madam My mother got her green card in 2007, she spent one month in U.S in 2007, 2008, 2009,2010,2011 and 6 month in 2012 and 4 month in 2013. She had been outside of U.S for 2 years and half without re-entery . She abounded her gr...

    F.’s Answer

    It appears that she never 'established' her residence in the US if all she did was 'visit' for one month each year ... a little longer in 2012-13.

    If the mother is not living in the US right now ... even if the sister's visa is issued, it will possibly have been done in error.

    You should have them consult with an immigration lawyer ... many of us use Skype.

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  • How long should I wait from USCIS final decision?

    Hi all. I went to US embassy last year and they couldn't issue my VISA for some reason.( i don't know why I couldn't) and My case was sent to USCIS from there on Feb,10 2015. But USCIS is still reviewing my case and hasn't done a...

    F.’s Answer

    This sounds like a marriage/fiancee situation.

    Is this lawyer still your lawyer? If so, talk to him/her.

    If you don't currently have a lawyer, talk to one ... it can take CIS a long time to act on a petition returned by a US Consul.

    AND, if you're thinking of re-filing for the same visa type ... you should expect problems.

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  • Immigration marriage help needed!

    A friend of mine who is from Brazil and has been here legally in the states for over 10 yrs, he owns real estate here, had a good job, worked very hard, but he married another Brazilian just for her to be here legally. Ins found out about the sham...

    F.’s Answer

    I must admit, he probably has limited options.

    He should have a Skype consultation with an attorney.

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  • Am I eligible for 8th year H1b extension? New Perm applied in last week of 6th year and already have 7th year H1b ext approved.

    New perm was applied in the last week of my H1b 6th year and already have 7th year H1b extension approved - based on old Perm was in processing for more than 365 days. Old Perm was withdrawn and NEW Perm was applied in the last week of my 6th on m...

    F.’s Answer

    It would help if you were more specific with your dates ... we have no idea when the last week of your '6th year' was.

    Also, have you talked to the company's immigration attorney? Don't waste time talking to NON-ATTORNEYS in HR.

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  • F1 student was filed misdemeanor notice for"Failure to post no smoking sign at the entrance" of gas station. affects f1 status?

    i was at the register of the Gas Station. It was late n8 store about to close Under Cops entered the store then asked for manager i told them manager is not available. Then asked for incharge, And Are you here when TABC came yesterday. i told yes...

    F.’s Answer

    Most important ... do you have a work permit?

    Talk to your school's foreign student adviser.

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  • Travel document

    I have a pending asylum application, got work permit but would like to travel for 2 day vacation in Caribbean. Can I travel without the travel document? I'm definetely coming back to work in the U.S. So I'm not abandoning my application please adv...

    F.’s Answer

    No, don't do it. NO, NO don't do it.

    You should consider yourself fortunate for having temporary permission to be in the US ... don't push your luck ... wait for a decision.

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  • Does Canadian college education count as experience and/or education in some way for an H1B visa?

    Does a Canadian college certificate count towards education and/or experience when applying for an H1B visa? If so, how much? (For example, a 6 course certificate in Project Management from a Canadian college - would this be considered project man...

    F.’s Answer

    Yes, some experience can be counted.

    If you're really in Seattle .. you're very close to one of the best Educational/Experience companies in the US:

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  • Public Assistance Before Marriage

    I want to know if the immigration rule/policy that once married the beneficiary applying for papers should not have or ask for any public assistance applies even before marriage. Meaning, I have a friend that’s getting married in the future and ev...

    F.’s Answer

    If she doesn't have legal status in the US .. .this could be a problem.

    Talk to an attorney, there are many non profit organizations w/ immigration lawyer.

    NOTE: If you are low income go here: or

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