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  • H1B transfer during CAP GAP

    I am an international student on OPT and my current employer filed for my H1B this April. I received a receipt notice from USCIS and my H1B petition is under review. If I land another job before Oct, 1st 2015 would I be able to switch jobs? If yes...

    F.’s Answer

    I would not, I repeat NOT recommend this course of action.

    If I may 'preach/teach' a bit .. why not show some loyalty to the company that just spent thousands of dollars getting the H visa?

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  • Disclosure of open container ticket on visa application. Visa approved or delays are to be expected ?

    The form I filled called for "any offense" so I disclosed the ticket I had two years ago (25$ fine). Will my visa be approved at the appointment with the embassy since this is not something that could bar me to enter the US or will there be delays...

    F.’s Answer

    Although you should be OK .. more and more Consulates and Embassies are asking people to go through alcohol evaluations before they are issued the visa.

    Consider a Skype consultation with an attorney.

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  • How can I attend a coding bootcamp in the US, as a European citizen?

    I inquired with CBP ( and was told that ESTA is not suitable in order to attend a coding boot-camp (private institution, 3-months courses, not registered in SEVIS). However several boot-camps maintain that it is legal to atte...

    F.’s Answer

    CBP is correct, ESTA is inappropriate for this activity.

    Go to the US Consul and apply for a B-1 (not a B-2 ... but they might give you a dual-stamp, which is fine).

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  • First name is missing a letter. Green card says Mohamed and passport says Mohammed. Everything else matches. Will it be an issue

    I'm traveling to DR with my wife and daughter on vacation and wanted to make sure the letter missing from my green card won't cause an issue. Thanks

    F.’s Answer

    How long have you had your greencard?

    How long have you known of this 'error'?

    If possible, fix the passport, if it is incorrect, or fix the greencard.

    Check your I-485 to see what name you put on the forms(s).

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  • J1( with 2YearHomeResidencyRequirement)cancelled & got F1.Do I need waiver before applying for H1B?Interval 2yhrr is fine?

    I have visited USA in April 2014 till March 2015 on J1 visa as an intern for IT field I am Indian national and was pursuing my MSc in Paris,France.I've done my J1 visa stamping from Paris & subject to 2yhrr;mentioned on Visa stamp but not on D...

    F.’s Answer

    Anyt good lawyer would need to look at all your papers and possibly contact the J visa unit at DOS.

    Therefore, these are my best-guesses:

    1. Maybe
    2. Possibly ... if they were meaningful and not a long vacation
    3. Possibly ... if they are meaningful and not a long vacation
    4. Country of nationality (probably India).

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  • What is the processing time for an approved VAWA i485 at TSC? (from recent practice experience from TSC or other)

    I've heard 7-9 months at the earliest but wondering how long is's been 11 months so far.

    F.’s Answer

    I've heard it is more like 9-18 months.

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  • How to apply for citizenship ??

    In a short summary I had a felony which was brought down to a missdeameanor under prop 47 in which that's proccess was done im asking it now to be expunge. But the questions is under prop 47 it applies to local and state can I go about in...

    F.’s Answer

    It is usually a bad idea to apply for expunge ... talk to an attorney before you do that.

    Yes, CIS will still have your records .. they can never be expunged.

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  • Dual Citizenship in Kenya

    Could a child born in the US to parents of different nationality and citizenship (father is a US Citizen by birth and the mother is a native Kenyan residing in the US as a legal resident) acquire dual citizenship? My estranged spouse mention her i...

    F.’s Answer

    Yes, the government of Kenya recognizes dual citizenship.

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  • Can i get my illegal boyfriend papers?

    Im a US citizen. My boyfriend entered the US legally with a work permit and passport but he never returned to Mexico and his passport expired. will there be any problems if we get married and I try to get him papers?

    F.’s Answer

    You should be able to get things worked out ... with the help of an attorney.

    Many of us provide low-cost guidance via Skype.

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  • N400,Application for Naturalization -is DUI stop resulted in no written warning/charge considered as "detain" by law officer?

    Question 23 "Have you ever been arrested,cited or detained by any law enforcement officer for any reason?" i am confused here for the meaning of detained. i was pulled over and officer asked me questions regarding DUI. After taking field ...

    F.’s Answer

    Yes, clearly you were detained ... and released. Tell the whole truth.

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