The name should say it all LIES. As a vulnerable adult recovering from an emotional breakdown, Mr. Lies went behind my back and made a deal with the Respondents attorney and signed everything I spent 20 years working for and left me penniless, no place to live and no personal property. When I objected in the court room Mr. Lies told me to sit down and shut up or he would have me removed from the court room and institutionalized. Mr. Lies was suppose to be looking out for me and my best interest. Mr. Lies was looking out for his best interest and padding his pocket book. I have spent 2 years trying to reclaim the damage Mr. Lies has done. Everything that I told Mr. Lies would happen did happen. Then when the Respondents attorney drafted the order to be signed by the judge it did not reflect what was read into the order. Mr. Lies signed the document with our reading it, he told me. Mr. Lies does not care about the client.