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  • Protect house from Medicare/Nursing home

    Asked by a user in Minneapolis, MN - over 4 years ago.

    There are many good options in MN for protecting a home from N.H. I'd like to specifically point out that MN doesn't allow any trust (revocable or irrevocable) to protect a home as suggested by...

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  • How quickly do life insurance companies have to distribute to beneficiaries upon death of policy holder?

    Asked by a user in Saint Paul, MN - over 4 years ago.

    The collection timing on life insurance is not statutory. The contract could affect timing, but most contracts only require that there be a death. Your hold up is because there appears to be a...

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  • Will leaves vehicle with a loan to son, can he have vehicle immediately?

    Asked by a user in Crosslake, MN - over 4 years ago.

    In MN, the gift to your brother of the vehicle will depend on how the Will is written and if it is in the personal property memorandum. It may be that the loan will be paid off by the estate and...

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  • Need a probate attorney. Can assets be sold prior to probate?

    Asked by a user in Minneapolis, MN - almost 5 years ago.

    First, MN will not allow for attorneys to take a percentage of the estate. Second, to answer your question, you can pay the attorney out of the estate. So long as they have a good contract with you,...

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  • Does life insurance pass through probate in South Dakota

    Asked by a user in Aberdeen, SD - almost 6 years ago.

    Adding the the previous correct answer; if the life insurance list your father's estate as the beneficiary a probate may be necessary. You should contact an estate planning attorney to discuss how...

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  • My mother recently pass away, no will, only asset real estate, no debts.

    Asked by a user in Willmar, MN - almost 5 years ago.

    Other ways to save money are to have all necessary documents for the attorney. Since attorneys will charge by the hour for probate, try to use as little of the attorneys time as possible. You want...

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  • Is there an ability to appeal termination of medicare benefits

    Asked by a user in Fergus Falls, MN - almost 6 years ago.

    I agree with the former answer that an Elder Law Attorney should be consulted right away. I wanted to add a couple of notes to your question. First, "the county owns your soul" is a broad statement...

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  • Life insurance policy

    Asked by a user in Minnesota - almost 6 years ago.

    Life Insurance Beneficiaries will recieve the proceeds upon death "by operation of law". Simply stated, it will not go into the estate (I think you mean estate) but directly to the spouse. If the...

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  • Is it okay for an elderly person to gift money to a child to reduce savings so they can receive medicare or medicaid benefits.

    Asked by a user in Duluth, MN - over 4 years ago.

    So long as the elderly person does not commit fraud when answering the application question, "have you or your spouse disposed of any property for less than fair market value?" then the gifting is OK....

  • Splitting up Joint CD ownership

    Asked by a user in Saint Paul, MN - over 4 years ago.

    The correct answer to your questions depend on a couple of things. Mainly, how did you come to own the CD's jointly. If you can prove that you both contributed to these CD's then you may divide...