Randall Gordon Knutson

Randall Gordon Knutson

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Minnesota 2011 Attorneys of the Year awards
Just before Ironman Cozumel race
Ironman Cozumel bike
Blue Earth County Courthouse steps

About Me 



I am married with 3 children.   I spend my spare time with my family, or working on events, charities, and coaching youth sports.  Also, I try to do several triathlons a year.


My main area of practice has been personal injury, which I have done for more than 22 years.  I handle car accidents and other personal injury cases, mainly in Minnesota.  Nationally,  I work on vaccine case at the Federal Court of Claims, Vaccine Court.  This means I represent folks from all over the country, from many different States for vaccine injuries.


As to my qualifications, I have been a Minnesota Superlawyers for many years, and have received many other awards including Minnesota Attorney of the Year, all of which are listed elsewhere on this site.


I handle truck accidents nationally as well, and travel across the country to do so.


My wife and I are avid bikers, and usually spend any vacations we have on bicycles.  As any biker knows, bicycling can be dangerous, and cars can be harmful.  I love to help bicyclists who have been injured, and had their bikes damaged, and I cover bike cases nationally.


I try to do several triathlons a year, (including the Ironman), soI have an interest in representing those injured in triathlons.  It helps that I am a triathlon USAT Certified Race Director fully instructed in triathlon safety issues, and fully understand the safety risks involved.







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