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  1. Do I need both an immigration and divorce attorney?

    Answered 16 days ago.

    1. Vincent Paul Martin
    2. Andrew John Bartlett
    3. Giacomo Jacques Behar
    4. Travis Craig Thompson
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    In my opinion it is best to have the help of an attorney or firm that has experience in both divorce and immigration because there can be overlapping issues. For example, the issue of spousal maintenance in the divorce proceeding can call into play the Affidavit of Support you signed for your spouse to get his K-1 visa. And if your spouse files for an Order for Protection against you to gain immigration status under VAWA, this will go before a court outside of the immigration process. You...

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  2. Is it possible to file the I-765 with the I-130 and then file the I-485 later on?

    Answered 18 days ago.

    1. Vincent Paul Martin
    2. J. Bradley Ortins
    3. Adan G. Vega
    4. Carl Michael Shusterman
    5. William J Quirk
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    I agree with all of the above-attorneys. And I would add that you could end up wasting a lot of money, and time, if your forms are filed incorrectly. For example, had you filed the I-765 with only the I-130 and submitted the $380 filing fee, USCIS could have simply denied it as improperly filed and kept your $380. These things are too important to "experiment" with your husband's immigration status. A fee paid to a lawyer for this once in a lifetime process is money well spent.

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  3. Support Letter from company for H1b transfer , Should they apply transfer till the previous H1 validity or for 3 years from now

    Answered 24 days ago.

    1. Vincent Paul Martin
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    You would seek the full three years if the employer is willing to employ you for the period.

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  4. L1 Visa/i-94 vs Maximum Physical Stay

    Answered 24 days ago.

    1. Vincent Paul Martin
    2. Jeff L. Khurgel
    3. Giacomo Jacques Behar
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    I agree with the answers by the above-attorneys. I would add that regardless of what your I-94 says, if you are let go from your sponsoring employer, that terminates your status.