Jim Cohen not only tried to drag out my case for more money he also did not inform me of incoming information. I wrote every affidavit that went before the courts and he felt he should be paid more. He called me 15 minutes before deadlines to make changes that obviously couldn't be made in time then put the blame on me for the lack of time make any changes. He wasted hours of my time which he charged me for by talking about his other cases, his personal life or how he should be paid more. When my case finally hit a turning point he then demanded more money or to drop my case. He also called me and would ask me where I was and what I was doing which I felt odd. Never once did our appointments start on time, he typically was an hour late to every appointment, to include making me late for phone conferences with the other parties lawyer. I didn't feel that he knew enough about family law to handle my case correctly, according to him he handled criminal cases as well, maybe that is where he is better suited. If I had something positive to report about him I would have included it. Over all my experience with him was the worst lawyer experience I've ever had.