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David L. Friedman

About David Friedman

About me

David Friedman came up on the not-so-mean streets of Queens, New York. As a kid, all he knew about Minnesota was that there was a guy named Prince who lived there in a purple house.


One day David heard about deep fried food on a stick, which convinced him to pack his bags and give law school a go at the University of Minnesota.  That’s where he started a band with future law partner Blake Iverson, and also where he got involved in consumer law issues, helping pioneer the law school’s consumer protection clinic to help Minnesotans victimized by predatory lending.


After law school, David went back East and cut his teeth at the Financial Clinic, a nonprofit providing free counseling and legal services for low-income New Yorkers.  Running the Clinic’s legal department, he focused on bankruptcy, debt collection defense, and a variety of other consumer law issues.


Working in the fast-paced courtrooms of New York was a rush, but Minnesota kept calling. A long summer weekend eventually turned into a lease on an apartment in South Minneapolis, and in December 2009, David founded Friedman Iverson.  Now that he’s a Twin Cities “lifer,” he tries his hardest to balance born-and-bred New York grit with Minnesota nice. He may still cut you off on 35W, but at least he’s finally learned to wave.

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