Moving to Minnesota to care for our aging parents we quit our jobs in North Carolina. It took awhile to find jobs and never did find a job that paid what we were making. Our bills remained up to date paying minimums and using our savings, our 401K's, IRA's, and gifts from family. There was no way to pay these debts off, and didn't even know how we could possibly pay for an attorney. After going through the phone book, being treated with disrespect by a couple of atorneys, I found John Lamey's number and made an appointment. What a pleasure to meet John. How we were treated with respect and understanding. We discovered that bankruptcy was a must even though this was not something we ever wanted to do and were devastated with the news. John was very knowledgeable, so kind, and patient as He carried us through a very difficult situation. If you need an attorney for anything that John does, Call Him... You will not be disappointed. Thank you John, Thank you will never be enough to express out gratitude.