Mark J. Fellman is a very knowledgeable workers compensation attorney and mediator. Mark is good at listening to the employees needs and evaluating the insurances responsibility to each employee. Mark was highly recommended to us by a nurse that was evaluating a continued workers comp claim for an insurance company. Mark is thorough in his processes. He spoke to the insurance company on our behalf and then filed for a court date.
He continued to work with the insurance company to mediate a settlement. He made recommendations as to how the process would work and when we asked for his expertise and opinions; Mark answered and left the decisions to us. Very respectful of everyone concerned. Mark also evaluated the fact that this was an old claim and some of the newer laws, may or may not apply. He pursued a fair decision to compensate the employee. The actuary had determined an estimated life, but this employee had outlived this by many years. Mark proceeded to justify an updated wage even though the claim was very old.
I would highly recommend Mark J Fellman to everyone who needs a workers compensation attorney. Mark is qualified and will work for you.