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  1. If I am managing a live performance at a school and the copyright is not available, can it be considered infringement?

    Answered 11 months ago.

    1. Thomas Arnon Allen
    2. David Alexander Browde
    3. Bruce E. Burdick
    4. David M. Slater
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    I will assume that the particular work is still subject to copyright. It is important to note that the very best way to be certain that the use is permissible is to obtain the permission from the copyright owner. However, the show may go on if it is considered "fair use" under copyright law. Unfortunately, determining "fair use" is not an exact science. There are four factors that are considered in determining whether the use/production would be "fair use." These factors are only...

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  2. If a company change its name does that relieve them of their liability in the former LLC..

    Answered 11 months ago.

    1. Thomas Arnon Allen
    2. John P Corrigan
    3. Pamela Koslyn
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    If there is no new entity, but the former entity merely is using another name, the entity cannot escape liability merely because of the name change. But, as you point out, there may no longer be a former entity where that entity has been dissolved. It appears from the Wisconsin Department of Financial Institutions database that American General Contracting, LLC, was indeed administratively dissolved. The records do not show any Wisconsin entities with the name Decorative Surfacing, LLC,...

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  3. I would like to sell an item with the last name - and possible the jersey name - of players from specific NFL teams.

    Answered 11 months ago.

    1. Frank Anthony Natoli
    2. Maxwell Charles Livingston
    3. Thomas Arnon Allen
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    I agree. The short answer is that there would likely be both trademark infringement as well as a violation of those players' right to publicity and privacy.

  4. Im trying to get my depost back for an apt. there has not been anything signed. he is refusing is this possible?

    Answered 11 months ago.

    1. Gregory J. Jerabek
    2. Thomas Arnon Allen
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    I am assuming that your deposit is an earnest money deposit for a place that you have not moved into yet rather than a security deposit under an existing lease. The fact that you were not informed of the terms regarding your pet may be significant enough so that the landlord must return your earnest money deposit. It's also possible that the landlord failed to follow Wisconsin law regarding rental practices. If so, you should be entitled to the return of your earnest money. Further, you may...