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John Holevoet

About John Holevoet

About me

I grew up in Illinois, but if you're a Wisconsinite, please don’t hold that against me.  I grew up on a farm, not in Chicago, and my family never helped to clog Wisconsin Interstates on summer weekends.  Being a farm kid, I learned the value of hard work early on and those lessons stayed with me as I practice law.  After college, I moved to Wisconsin for graduate school at the University of Wisconsin – Madison.  After getting my master’s degree, I ended up working for an organization that dealt with motorist issues, including so-called drunk driving laws.  This inspired me to go to law school so that he could help defend those accused of impaired driving.  My focus set me apart; it is rare to find anyone else who wanted to specialize in operating while under the influence (OWI) cases.  During school, I  also had the opportunity to clerk for the well-known defense firm of Van Wagner & Wood. 


After being admitted to the bar, I became an associate attorney at Van Wagner & Wood, where Iworked a variety of cases, but focused heavily on my passion of OWI defense.  In May 2010, I decided to start my own practice to provide client-centered criminal defense representation.  OWI defense continues to make up the majority of the work I do, although I also handles many other cases, everything from traffic tickets to sexual assaults.   


I am admitted to practice throughout Wisconsin and in federal court for the Western District of Wisconsin.  I am a member of the State Bar of Wisconsin, Dane County Bar Association, National Association of Criminal Defense Attorneys, Wisconsin Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, and Dane County Association of Criminal Defense Attorneys.  I am one of just a dozen or so members of the National College of DUI Defense that practice in Wisconsin.  I am also perhaps the only defense attorney in the state to have actually undergone training on an actual Intoximeter EC/IR II, the breath test machine used by police departments throughout Wisconsin.    


When not at work my interests include a variety of outdoor activities, architecture, and baking.  In fact, my baked goods are pretty well known by court staff throughout southern Wisconsin.