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Diane L. Mader

About Diane Mader

About me

I have practiced family law in the Madison, Wisconsin area since 1982.  In 2000, I was one of the leaders in bringing collaborative divorce to Wisconsin. 


The heart of my practice is helping clients resolve divorce issues without resort to litigation.


If a traditional divorce is more appropriate for your case than collaboration, my underlying practice philosopy remains the same:  I do my best to provide efficient, compassionate legal representation.  I ask my clients to look at divorce as a future-focused planning process.


The best outcome for children in divorce is tied to good co-parenting and low conflict.  I support my clients to get the help they need to be good co-parents during and after the divorce.


I also provide mediation services. Mediation, like collaboration, is a form of alternative dispute resolution.  When I act as a mediator, I facilitate clients' informed, joint decision-making. I do not represent either party when I act as a mediator.