We have worked with Carrie and her firm for almost 20 petitions the since 2008. She has helped with H-1B, L-1A, L-1B, and permanent resident petitions. She definitely understands the in's and out's of each petition and what the USCIS is looking to accomplish. She is extremely detailed oriented and catches many things we never would have noticed or thought of. While there is no way to ensure we don't get a RFE on a petition, she continues to modify our new petitions to address issues/questions posed from prior RFE's to minimize the chance of a denial or RFE. Carrie has maintained a database of our all our prior petitions to help minimize the workload from my side when starting new petitions or RFEs. She continues to look ahead and what our company's plans are in the future and how today's petitions will impact those. Carrie continually keeps on to top of the changing trends within the industry and ensures we are kept up to date as well. I would highly recommend both Carrie and her firm (Grzeca Law Group) for any immigration needs.