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Gordon R. Leech

Gordon Leech’s client reviews

     4.5 stars 14 total

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  • Great Lawyer

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Wayne

    Mr. Leech is very knowledgable when it comes to employment law. Throughout my case, he ensured I was informed, he offered options and fully explained them to me. I highly recommend Mr. Leech and his firm.

  • Rockstar!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Gregory

    Gordon took my very difficult case and made it seamless. I truly appreciate Gordon’s straight forward honest approach (integrity is a trait most people tend to forget nowadays… hence the lawsuit). I had high expectations based on Gordon’s resume and he exceeded everyone them. I am confident the results in my case would have been much different had I not made the right decision in investing in Gordon. Semper FI

  • Consumer issues and bankruptcy

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Nancy

    Mr. Leech was very knowledgeable in Consumer law. He was very trustworthy and anwered many questions that helpted me know exactly where I stood concerning law. It was obvious that he wanted a satisfied client. I could see that he was very thorough right down to every detail. I have used his services twice and made several referrals because I feel confident of his expertise.

  • Gordon Leech Exceeded My Expectations

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Sheila

    The Consumer and Employment Law Center of Wisconsin, specifically Gordon Leech, provided expert advice and helped me to achieve optimal an optimal result in a recent situation with my previous employer. Not only is Gordon incredibly knowledgeable, he truly cares about and does everything possible to help the employee. I have no hesitation in recommending Gordon Leech for any and all employment related issues. You won't be disappointed!

  • A Great Lawyer to have during a difficult time.

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Bankruptcy client

    Having to go through bankruptcy is a very difficult and personal matter. Having a lawyer that understood this helped me work through one of the most difficult times in my life. When I first hired Gordon Leech, it was to determine if I had a case against a particular company or if a route of bankruptcy was going to be my only option. Gordon was very thorough in his research of my case, and making sure I understood all aspects and options. When I decided on bankruptcy, he helped make a bad situation bearable. He eased my nerves as court dates approached, was patient with my questions and uncertainty. Also was very upfront with me when I was a difficult client. His assistant Tyler kept me current and up-to-date with each step of the process through regular emails or phone calls. He even returned my phone calls beyond office hours when information was critical. Not only did he help me with the bankruptcy process and the days in court, but also that I knew options and a plan for getting my credit and finances back on track. He knew this was important to me. I had worked with another lawyer in the past over a different issue that could have helped with this matter as well, but was more confident with Gordon's abilities, and appreciated the fact he would respond to my phone calls or emails promptly. I would recommend Gordon to friends and clients I work with, without hesitation.

  • Best Lawyer Around!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by lori_michele

    If you are under time constraints, or stress from not knowing your rights then you better get a hold of Mr. Leech. I have NEVER had an attorney contact me so quickly and get straight to answering the questions I had. Not only that but the actual documents he emailed me regarding statues of the Wisconsin law were going above and beyond! Without any doubt this lawyer knows his stuff. If you want someone that treats you like a person and helps you by actually LISTENING then you better get in touch with him. I have thanked him and am humbled by his unselfishness. God Bless !

  • Outstanding lawyer

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Todd

    Atty Gordon Leech and his administration helped me through these tough times of being unemployed and trying to work with debt collectors. The end result ended in filing for bankruptcy as the companies did not want to work with us.
    His passion for doing what is right and doing it by the book has made the entire experience less stressful.

    Gordon and his employees were a blessing to work with and I would recommend his organization to anyone.


  • after checking who is the best attorney in town that will help me in my case , i found an honest good attorney Mr; Gordon leech

    5.0 stars

    Posted by elly

    my name Elly Cashfeux i bough an SUV from dealership i work for and made 1000 $ down payment and had injure my hand shortly after i made some payment but couldn't make anymore due to lack of work and spending lots time with docotors , the dealer call me and ask me to bring the SUV so they can clean it for me, i was stupid enough to trust them so i did and when i get there yes they clean it and put on the lot for sale i was left without transportation i set with Mr: Leech and i explain my situation and his word was wow they can do that , i will help you get your car back and plus , he seem to know the law very well and he explain to me what the step we will be taking before i knew it and within less than a month that what Mr: Gordon Leech did for me :
    1- he got my SUV deliver to me
    2- make the dealer ship put brand new break on my SUV (at no charge ) cost over $500
    3- make the dealer ship waived the reaming amount that i owe to be waive
    4-a check of $7000 made out in my name for my trouble and the pain i had to deal with.
    attorney like Godon leech after he did that for you how you cant love him , he was honest from the start and every time he did something i was inform by it he is the best attorney i could hope for , i was very bless to find him and willing to take my case , he is very genteel person and has a lots of experience what he dose, i will recommend Mr: Leech to my family and friends he is the best attorney out there .
    you hire Mr : Gordon Leech , you are winner already , i guarantee that , no many attorney out there are honest , and return your pone call when you need him, beside he is very caring person and pleasant to talk with him , like i said from my experience with Mr: leech you will be making the right choice hiring him to help you out and get you what you deserve , he is a winner , so dont flip pages and surf the web , go straight to him so you can start helping you and he is the best out there

    Elly C

  • Excellent attorney

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Caroline

    I asked Gordon to represent me on a complicated credit reporting case. He was able to figure out the issues and formulate a strategy immediately. He didn't mislead me about my chances of prevailing; he told me it would be a long road and we would have to be diligent if we hoped to win against 4 large corporations. He did take my case on a contingency, but I paid my filing fees which is common practice. He didn't misrepresent our chances of prevailing which I appreciated; many attorneys will tell potential clients what they want to hear just to get their case. The client later finds out that their lawyer is incompetent, and they've wasted a lot of time and money. Gordon kept me informed throughout the process and ultimately was able to settle cases against four defendants, each of them large corporations with huge teams of lawyers. Since I deal with attorneys on a daily basis, I am confident in saying that Gordon is honest, very competent, and able to get the job done. He won't take your case unless he feels like you have a solid legal position. I highly recommend him.

  • Terrible - stay away...

    1.0 star

    Posted by D.

    Since the newest “review” of Mr. Leech as an attorney is 3 years old – “if” the other reviews are to be believed, I can only surmise that he has gone way downhill.

    I contacted him on May 13, 2013, asking him if he would be interested in representing me in a federal FDCPA matter – I gave him all of the information, documentation, and answered all of his questions.

    He didn’t seem to be very knowledgeable – even at one point suggesting that we file the various federal claims in a state court to save a few dollars on filing fees…

    He also stated that he did not know if the state version of the claims allowed for damages – this is supposedly what he does for a living…

    I didn’t hear anything back from him regarding representation for 9 days – so I contacted him – no response.

    I waited an additional 7 days, still no response – so I contacted him yet again.

    After waiting over a half a month to hear back from him – he sent me an email asking a few more questions – I answered the questions – and didn’t hear anything back from him for another 8 days.

    So, it has been almost a month now (25 days) since I originally contacted him and I have no idea if he is interested in representing me yet.

    I then get am email from him stating that I should call his office next week and discuss the matter.

    I made an appointment with his office, called his office the next week at the scheduled time – and he is not in.

    I am told by someone answering the phone to give them my number and Mr. Leech will call me back.

    Ten minutes later, he calls, we discuss the case, he says that there are “definitely” violations of law committed by the other party – there is even a letter from a state regulatory agency that states that the other party violated state law – and he would take the case if I pay for the filing fee and all other fees upfront.

    I tell him that I was under the impression that he, like almost every other FDCPA attorney, operates on a contingency fee - and that I need to think about it and get back to him.

    I send him an email that same day stating that I was, quite honestly, taken aback by his request for prepayment of filing fees, other fees, etc.

    That I was under the impression that he, like almost all other FDCPA attorneys, worked on a contingency fee basis.

    That he stated in our conversation this case is pretty much a slam-dunk.

    And, if he would take this case on a contingency fee basis, to please let me know.

    As usual, I hear nothing back from him for another 7 days – so I send him a follow-up email.

    I then get a response from him stating, in part –

    1. Because I did not wish to pay the filing fees and all of the “other “ costs upfront (which in a contingency fee case, as almost all FDCPA actions are, are paid for by the attorney’s firm upfront and then collected only after they win);

    2. AND because the filing date for the action was just now more than a month away (it was more than two and a half months away when I contacted him) -

    That he, now, is not interested in representing me.

    So, he took over a month (5 weeks) to tell me that one of the reasons he was no longer interested in taking the case was because the time to file (in another 5 weeks) was “fast approaching”…

    And, because I did not wish to pay for the fees and other costs upfront – which in an FDCPA is almost never done.

    Stay away and find a competent attorney who actually knows what he is talking about; won’t make you pay fees and costs upfront when no other FDCPA attorney does; and doesn’t take 5 weeks to tell you that one reason he is not interested in taking your case is because he already took 5 weeks to tell you that.