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Michael Francis Brennan

Michael Brennan’s Legal Guides

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  • Overview of the Different Ways to Hold Title to Real Estate

    Did you know that there are multiple ways in which you can hold title to real estate? For first time home buyers, especially couples- both married and unmarried, deciding how to take title to their ne

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  • Estate Planning Checklist for Married Couples

    Chances are at some point or another you and your spouse have brought up the topic of estate planning. Whether it was talking about writing wills or how to plan for retirement, it’s a common discussio

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  • Estate Planning Checklist for Cohabitating Couples

    Unmarried partners living together is becoming much more common, but forgetting to do some simple estate planning could cost them a pretty penny. Here are the things cohabitating couples need to consi

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  • Estate Planning Checklist for Young Adults

    This guide provides a checklist of estate planning items every young adult should consider. It is geared towards a number of Midwestern states, so it should not be relied upon as legal advice. It's im

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  • Estate Planning Checklist for College Students

    This guide provides some basic information on the estate planning documents every college student needs. This guide is geared towards a number of Midwestern states. Documents may be referred to diffe

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  • Probate in Illinois | What to Expect.

    This guide provides answers to common questions about probate guidance on how to navigate the probate process in Illinois. While this guide contains detailed responses to some frequent questions, it

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  • 10 steps to starting a small business

    So you have a great new idea or a way to improve on an existing one, but what now? This guider explains 10 critical legal areas to consider when launching any new business. It's specifically geared towards IL, MN and WI businesses and entrepreneurs but can be useful to all.

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