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Earlean A. Laster

Earlean Laster’s Client Reviews

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  • 3.0 stars

    Posted by Professional Woman

    Overall good representation, but don't expect callbacks in a timely manner.

    Attorney Laster was a God send, when my child's father called child protective services, as a precursor to him filing for shared placement. He had a new girlfriend who encouraged him to throw everything but the kitchen sink at me, so that he could paint me as an unfit mother. Atty. Laster was impressive when dealing with CPS, the agent dropped the case after 2 days of her involvement. I did retain Atty. Laster's firm for the child placement/ support dispute. Shortly after signing the retainer I was provided with Atty. Rochelle Benton. Although she was junior counsel, she provided adequate representation. Conversely, it would have been nice to pay the junior counsel hourly rate, meaning half.
    It did come as a surprise when Attorney Benton required additional retainers as well as a high hourly fee to represent me when my child's father threw in a motion for a restraining order. This guy decided to pull every shenanigan he could. I paid Atty. Laster's firm on time, however I couldn't pay additional retainers for all the new crap he dreamed up. If you are looking for al la carte representation, I think this is a wonderful firm to work with. However if you are dealing with someone as relentless as my child's father, you may want to find yourself other aggressive and thorough representation for the long haul.
    All in all, Atty. Laster has a plethora of confidence and experience, so if you retain her please make sure she will be the one representing you. She is very skillful and knows just what to say for the other party to comply. I did use her firm for other services and was impressed.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Cari


    I hired Attorney Laster and I can not express the amount of gratitude my family has for her. After going through a tough time in my life and receiving a OWI, my daughter's “father” (whom was never involved in her life & owes 9yrs of back child support) Petitioned the Court for Physical Placement of my daughter, and received placement by the court commissioner at a temporary hearing (which I was never served with any notice). As you can imagine, I was absolutely devastated!! For fourteen months my husband and I tried ourselves to get the ruling over turned and were not successful . We had a hearing scheduled for August 29, 2012 and a friend recommended representation from Attorney Laster. After hearing all great thing she had to say, we figured it was worth a shot. We retained Attorney Laster on August 28, 2012, and the next day at our hearing the Judge ruled in our favor!!! Since one week from that date my daughter has been home for good!!! I completely agree with the “Best Attorney Ever” review!!! She was aggressive and just what our family needed for the court to look past my “record” and focus on the best intrest of our child. I would recommend Attorney Laster again and again; she was truly a life saver!!!

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by a Child Custody client

    Best Attorney Ever!

    I read the previous client review and I had a completely different experience. Attorney Laster was referred to me after I fired another attorney who I had a bad experience with. She returned all my calls promptly and addressed all my concerns. Me and my ex have been going to court for the past year and after I hired Attorney Laster the case was settled in months in my favor. I would highly recommend Attorney Laster. Her fees were reasonable and she was worth every dime.

  • 1.0 star

    Posted by a Family client


    If you need a family attorney, do not use Earlean Laster. She never returns phone calls or emails. I had to call numerous times a day until I could get ahold of her. I'm not sure if she just takes on too much or should not be practicing family law. She will lead you on thinking you have a case and then after thousands of dollars are spent, it turns out she has no idea what she is doing. I have wasted thousands of dollars on this joke of an attorney when I practically did all the work to write up a stipulation with my ex. Then after the agreement was signed, there was an error in transcribing the document and I was charged for their time to fix their problem. After wasting too much money and over 6 months of my life, I am still having almost all of the same problems with my ex. My attorney failed to put things into detail that could not be misinterpreted and when they were, she just backed down and did not have my back. Worst attorney ever!