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ReAnna C. Grabow

ReAnna Grabow’s client reviews

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  • Attorney to find and keep.

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Lori

    The Excellent ratings above all true and solid and lucky my family is to have been guided by her! Attorney Grabow- ReAnna, is that sure thing person to look to for guidance for all those life processes good and bad that just are not in your skills set. She handled my family divorce UGH-AND as I asked, put my kids first while too protecting my future unknowns as well. Child custody, safety, home changes, retirement, savings, debts, equanimity, and emotions all were her juggle and she was and remains a fore-thoughtful, and prudent genius and angel attorney. She told me what she needed from me, then used it for each process need. Really an expert that used her gifts more ways and times than I will ever know . Emails and calls to her or her office are valuable communications to her. She 100% responds professionally and solves. ReAnna is always real, approachable, and professional. She is the smart sister lawyer but not related. Job loss, hah- she says she enjoys scouring want adds and did so with me via email-NOT KIDDING! She knows it is a tough market for all. She is honest, funny, solution driven. THEE Best attorney you would want for yourself and family. Kids grow up and cars, dating, and more new to all life issues do come. ReAnna is with you for the whole haul and you too will then be recommending her to people you meet with as much fervor as I just did here. I guarantee that if anyone in my family were to win a lottery she would be the absolute first call. I am fortunate to know her and appreciate her talents.

  • Top class experience. ReAnna Grabow is an amazing lawyer and person.

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Divorce client

    ReAnna was my attorney for almost 2 years. I was initiating divorce proceedings and knew I would have a tough road ahead. I was looking for someone with compassion (for me) yet clear thinking and strong legal skills as my ex was going to be a tough fight. The office where ReAnna works came highly recommended to me and I chose ReAnna when I saw her photo and read her profile. I liked her background and I liked her kind face. I was to learn that behind that kind face was an even kinder heart. I consider ReAnna one of the nicest people I have had the priviledge to meet.
    Professionally, ReAnna went to bat for me. My ex made the case tedious, lengthy, costly, and me emotionally shredded. She kept me positive and never lost faith. She was up against a tough attorney who had a reputation for a vindictive fight for her client (I suppose nothing wrong with that). ReAnna brings a great level of dignity and poise to the courtroom and it is clear she is well respected by her peers for that reason. I would never wish to go through this experience again but I was blessed with meeting ReAnna and found her compassion for her job truly genuine and eye-opening. I wish ReAnna a long successful career and I wish other people in the same position I was in could say the same for their attorneys.