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Amy Marie Salberg

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  • Can bylaw supersede article of incorporation for a private nonprofit organization?

    One of the articles in Articles of Incorporation says membership is open to residents of......suburbs......[Minneapolis/St.Paul]. I live in a town in Wisconsin right across the river from the Twin Cities. This town is considered to be a suburb b...

    Amy’s Answer

    From the title to your question, I thought the bylaws might be somehow inconsistent with the articles of incorporation, but the description you give of each does not demonstrate any inconsistency. Assuming the facts as stated in the question are accurate, the bylaws do exactly what bylaws are supposed to do - fill in the many details that are not in the articles of incorporation (which have very few details). In this case, it sounds like the bylaws are simply defining what is meant by "residents of . . . suburbs . . . " in the articles, which is perfectly fine.

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  • Background check at new job at Best Buy?

    I was fired from my old job at a major retailer at 16 for theft (it was a simple mistake, but company policy mandated my termination and prosecution.) This was out of state (New England area), and a few years ago. I'm now applying for a new job a...

    Amy’s Answer

    If you are not honest with them at the time of hire, they could terminate you when they find out about it later. I would own up to it, explain what you learned from it, and hopefully move on to bigger and better things.

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  • How can I get out of my grandfather car loan as a co-signer?

    I co sign for my grandfather so he can have a car , he makes on time payments for the past 4 years ,never missed a payment, but now Id like to own my own home and cant get the loan I need for the home because I cosign my grandfather car plus finan...

    Amy’s Answer

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    If your grandfather is credit-worthy on his own, he may be able to get a loan to pay off the current one or refinance it without you as co-signor. It is also possible the lender may agree to swap co-signors if there is another one who can take your place and is at least equally credit-worthy.

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  • I am trying to get out of a contract.

    I bought a service online. The company is in different state that I resides. The contract said if I send a letter within 3 days, I could cancel the contract. However the company now doesnt want to refund the first half of the payment for the servi...

    Amy’s Answer

    Your question does not state when you sent the letter to cancel the contract. Was it within the 3 days? If so, a consumer protection lawyer in Illinois would be your best bet, unless you are able to dispute the charges with your credit card company.

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