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Gunda Johanna Brost

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Gunda J. Brost is an immigration attorney (immigration lawyer) in Cedar Falls, Iowa. Gunda is originally from Oldenburg, North Germany, holds a law degree from Hamline University School of Law in Saint Paul, Minnesota (May 2006). Gunda went to law school solely because of her keen interest in immigration law - she always knew she wanted to practice in that area. She was inspired by the plight of immigrants she encountered while she was teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages, such as exploitation of undocumented workers and families torn apart by an immigration system in which there seemed no protection. Gunda was admitted to the Iowa bar in 2007. Gunda is a former model and a world languages teacher, with experience teaching English as a Second Language, German, French, and Latin. Gunda's legal experience includes working part-time as a law clerk and later an associate for immigration attorney Antunez de Mayolo law office (2003-2012), being a student director for the Minneapolis Public Defender's office (2005), as well as representing clients in mediation proceedings in Hamline's mediation clinic (2005). Gunda is fluent in English, French and German, and she is conversant in Spanish. Besides her law degree, Gunda holds a B.A. from Wartburg College and a Master's Degree from Middlebury College, Vermont. As a fun fact, Gunda was a former Ms. Nebraska. In her free time, she enjoys reading, foreign movies, dancing, art, music and traveling.

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