Michael J. Nichols

Michael J. Nichols

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This is a document that we received from the Michigan State Police lab and it verified that the lab was not following its own manufacturer specifications: ask me how!
Mike Nichols, Member, The Nichols Law Firm, PLLC at his desk in his East Lansing office
Posing with a copy of the Michigan OWI Handbook for lawyers that I wrote in 2009 for West Publishing. This was for the cover of MI Lawyers Weekly. The MLW featured a case of mine that changed the way the Michigan State Police analyzes blood in OWI cases.

About Me 

     I am committed to results.  I am a trial lawyer who will take your case to trial if there are no other options. No matter how intense your situation, how badly you need a certain outcome or how dire the facts of your case. I spent thousands of hours and tens of thousands of dollars in learning forensic evidence, the law regarding drugs and alcohol and the phisiological affect of drugs in the human body. .     I am a leader. I wrote the book on OWI for West Publishing. I am an adjunct professor of DUI Law and Practice at Thomas M. Cooley Law School and Forensic Evidence in Criminal Law. I spoke over dozens of times to teach other lawyers. The reason: others look to me for leadership and learning. I developed an in depth knowledge of forensic science. I am the lawyer whose litigation led the Michigan State Police to change the way that it handles blood alcohol analyses. I was selected as a presenter for the 2012, 2013 and 2014 American Academy of Forensic Science (AAFS) annual conferences. I practice exclusively in criminal defense with an emphasis on defending citizens charged with driving while intoxicated. My practice style is to utilize litigation to position a client to achieve results.

     I am in court very often and in stressful situations. Those situations are situations in which I thrive. To relax I run, read and write often. I spent 10 years as a journalist working in television and radio. I worked for a statewide radio news network, a CBS-owned radio station in Detroit and for a television station in Lansing.

     I believe in the right to have a trial. I believe that you as a citizen, have the right to have a lawyer stand by you through every phase of a criminal case. 

     Our constitution is a sacred document formed thanks to the blood and sacrifice of our founders and preserved by the modern day footsoldiers of trial lawyers. I am proud to be part of the loyal fraternity of constitutional warriors who protect the rights of those citizens accused of crimes, no matter how heinous those alleged crimes may be to the accusors or the public.