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  1. What are the obligations of a guardian of an aging parent, where it concerns health care, and abuse of that parents finances.

    Answered 7 months ago.

    1. Alexandra Nassar
    2. Diane Marie Kay
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    In general, a guardian is responsible for the ward's care, custody, and control. In other words, your sister has a duty to manage your mother's care and comfort. The probate court here in Genesee County has system for reviewing guardianships. New guardianships are reviewed at the one year anniversary; thereafter, they are reviewed every 3 years. You have several option depending on the severity of the neglect and abuse. The 2 most effective options are to either file a motion with probate...

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  2. Can my nephews mother give her father gaurdation ship of him without his fathers permission?

    Answered 7 months ago.

    1. Ruth Elaine McMahon
    2. Alexandra Nassar
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    It depends on whether he has established paternity. Notice requirements are different for putative fathers vs. legal fathers. Paternity is not established by a birth certificate alone. There are various ways to establish paternity (1.they were married when the child was born, 2. he signed an affidavit of parentage, or 3. there is support or custody action opened). In addition, you should review the court file to see if they tried to serve him when the guardianship case was filed.