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Saif Kasmikha

About Saif Kasmikha

About me


Saif Kasmikha is a managing partner and co-founder of Midwest Legal Partners LLC. Mr. Kasmikha focuses his practice on healthcare law and corporate law, specifically the transactional aspects of healthcare. Mr. Kasmikha represents physicians, hospitals, clinics, and other health institutions. His areas of practice include HIPAA, Stark Law, Anti-kickback Statutes, Fraud and Abuse claims, physician recruitment, Medicare and Medicaid reimbursement, and strategic business consultations of hospitals and physician-owned practices. Mr. Kasmikha has been instrumental in the formation of a physician-owned hospital, handles cases involving third party payers and reimbursement matters, and the future of electronic medical records (EMR). Mr. Kasmikha's experience in business law has allowed him to start up various business entities, handle tax matters associated with corporate clients, create operating agreements for limited liability companies (LLCs), and advise on both legal and business matters for clients. He has also drafted buy-sell agreements, purchase agreements, and landlord-tenant contracts; reviewed promissory notes, and negotiated contracts with bank lenders.  Additionally, Mr. Kasmikha's education and experience has allowed him to take on various complex litigation matters, which include insurance defense, disputes between pharmaceutical companies, and medical malpractice cases. Mr. Kasmikha is licensed to practice law in Michigan and Illinois.


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