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Lori Waddles’s client reviews

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    Posted by a Debt Settlement client


    Could not separate personal issue form professional. Impatient. Intimidated by persons asking knowledgable questions pertaing to their case. Actually did not represent the client(defendant) but gave the case to the plaintiff. Watched in disbelief as she pretty much represented the or had the plaintiff's best interest when her client was the defendant. She did not try to defend the defendant. I asked the defendant who was distressed afterwards stated that she was not informed by the attorney and asked questions pertaining to her case while the attorney felt intimidated and relayed to her colleagues and bosses that she was unreasonable and the attorney client relationship was broken. Told the client she could represent herself. Who does that as an attorney? Who withdraws from a case due to their personal beliefs? No because there was any actual cause. She left her client high and dry. Said that she is not use to communicating everything with the client, that she does not have the client directly involved the case.

    Lori Bobbitt Waddles’s response: “I recently viewed this critique of my lawyering skills and would just like to add that those viewing such critique should know that I encountered this client in my work as a Legal Aid attorney while working for the Legal Aid & Defenders Association, Inc., an organization whose edicts and intents are those with which I will forever possess the utmost respect. That being said, as a staff attorney while there, I had zero input when it came to client selection. Suffice it to say that upon my first encounter with the reviewing client, I suspected that there was a certain degree of inner turmoil within her which did play a great part in our having difficulty communicating. While I did my best to counsel, advise and accommodate her concerns and questions, it resulted in our not seeing eye to eye, which, in life, is bound to occur. After copious review of the situation by my superiors, the overall conclusion was for our organization to step away from representing said client altogether, such that she be free to pursue alternative legal representation. That, in a nutshell, was the conclusion of our relationship. It is my earnest hope that she eventually found and was ultimately satisfied with other legal representation, if indeed she so sought same. Lori Bobbitt Waddles.”