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George P. Mann

About George Mann

About me

George Mann has dedicated most of his adult life to helping thousands of immigrants, their families, employers, and sponsors, in just about every type of situation and from every background. He has a deep rooted commitment to his clients that goes beyond his professional role as an immigration specialist assisting them with their challenges vis-a-vis the U.S. legal system. This commitment is partly based upon George’s personal history, as a former refugee from communist Romania, and his family history, including the fact that his parents and grandparents suffered repeated persecutions, and in the case of his grandparents paid the ultimate price for their religious and ethnic identity.

George approaches his work from the perspective of a person who has personally benefited and enjoyed the opportunities this country offers, and is eager to share them with others. He is also firmly convinced that the key to America’s greatness is the fact that it is a country of immigrants and a beacon of hope for the people of the entire world.

George Mann is keen on being accessible and responsive to his clients, teaming-up with them in order to accomplish their goals and fully discusses his proposed strategy in advance. He reacts to all developments in a particular case, whether favorable or unfavorable, with forthright action and candor.

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