I went to court to get my son out of an abusive hospital. Tim Fryhoff was my ex husbands laywer. Even though I had one insident where my ex and his new wife had to be reviewed for child abuse of my son, Fryhoff was so well established with the FOC that the concern was never raised. My ex and his wife present themselves well and said that my son was a lier and I was a lier. I ended up loseing my joint custody - all of it. AND my son was kept in the hosptial. No exaggeration.. 6 weeks after my son was released the state came in a took away the facilities license. Tim is amazing. My ex has used him for 4 years - for 2 years I lost EVERY motion. Even when I had doctors with years of experience - Tim will collude with other lawyers and the judge if he feels he should. Laws are not important to him.