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Kirsten Nielsen Hartig

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My reputation has been built on the belief that there is only one way to provide excellent representation to a client regardless of whether the client is charged with a felony facing life imprisonment or a juvenile charged with minor in possession of alcohol.  Preparation, hard work and perseverance are the hallmarks of my philosophy.  When I prepare a case, I personally read the police reports and evidence tickets.  I personally watch every moment of footage of an in-car and booking video.  I personally interview the witnesses.  I personally read the appropriate case law and formulate the legal strategy. I will never accept a case if I am too busy to give the case and the client the time and attention that is required.  I am known to work harder than most attorneys and the results that are achieved for my clients reflect that effort. 

I am a trial lawyer, a litigator.  Since graduating in the top 5% of my graduating class from the American University-Washington College of Law in Washington, D.C. eighteen years ago, my professional career has been spent immersed in the criminal justice system.  As a former Assistant Prosecutor for Oakland County, I tried hundreds of misdemeanor and felony cases day in and day out.  I specialized in prosecuting the most difficult cases involving little evidence and hostile witnesses.  Since leaving the Prosecutor’s Office, I have devoted myself to helping citizens accused of breaking the law.  I am able to get excellent plea bargain offers for my clients because every prosecutor I come into contact with knows I am not afraid to go to trial and fight each and every piece of evidence the government attempt to introduce.

I do not practice divorce, contract, personal injury, insurance, real estate, probate or any other type of law.  I practice the art of criminal and traffic defense 100% of the time.  I am an expert in criminal law.  If you want a criminal law expert to handle your defense, call me.  If you want someone who “specializes” in criminal law while practicing many others types of law, call someone else.