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Lillian F. Diallo

Lillian Diallo’s client reviews

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  • 1.0 star

    Posted by Denise

    Unprofessional and

    I retained Attorney Diallo to represent my son criminal case. I give her the retainer fees she requested plus some additional monies; so that she could travel to consult with her client. she only met with her client once in the courtroom which she went on record agreeing to file an appeal for my son. After weeks went by without speaking with her client; he begin to make calls to her office without any response, I begin to make phone calls to her as well to get the status of the appeal; it wasn't until after the deadline for filing the appeal Ms. Diallo return my calls and informed me that she was not aware she needed to file an appeal on behalf of her client and at this time is when she informed me that she was not an appellant attorney. We were devastated become of the time that had gone by and not to mention the deadline for filing the appeal;Her client begin to call her office on a regular basis without any response from her; eventually he wrote her a letter without any responses from his attorney. I begin to make calls as well to see what she had done on behalf of her client that I retained for him. After months of no responses I begin to call her demanding my money back due to her unprofessional conduct in not doing what was requested of her and for not returning any of our calls, and for not filing the appeal which she is on record agreeing to do before the judge, her client and myself. I find her to be untrustworthy, nonresponsive to her client and she does not keep open communication. Attorney came highly recommended but after such a stressful experience in dealing with her and the time and money spent. I will never recommend her to anyone. watching Ms. Diallo as how she has handle herself on a new highly publicize murder case on national TV only bear witness of her unprofessional behavior in the courtroom. Attorney never returned my money back to me nor has yet spoken to her so-call client. I raise most of the money to retain her and now we have to rely on a public defender. Please be careful when consider Mrs. Lillian F. Diallo

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by shawn

    overturned a 13 year old case

    Lillian is an amazing lawyer. I spoke with 10 lawyers that told me my case could not be dismissed because of my other charges in other cities. I had this felony on my record sense 1996 and Lillian looked over my case and said no problem, and she was right it was no problem 2 weeks later she had the case overturned and dismissed with out me even there. She changed my life. THANK YOU!