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  1. I was arrested for dui in detroit 2 years ago and my license was taken but no case has been filed.

    Answered over 2 years ago.

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    To get your license back you have to have the arresting agency clear the 625G permit that you were issued when you were arrested. In Detroit the arrest could have likely been made by DPD, Wayne County Sheriff or Michigan State Police. Have your atttorney contact the appropriate agency and the dept. (usually a command officer) has to send a notice of non-prosecution to the SOS to get the 625g permit terminated at which time you will be eligible to go and obtain a new picture license at a SOS...

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  2. Criminal Record

    Answered over 2 years ago.

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    You indicate you were sentenced on a reduced charge of a noise violation pursuant to MCL 771.1. That is the delayed sentence statute. There is a critical distinction between the delayed sentence statute and the deferred sentence statutes (e.g., MCL 333.7411 for drugs or MCL 769.4a for domestic violence). Under the delayed sentence statute (771.1) it IS treated as a conviction during the probation period. If you successfully complete the terms and conditions, the Prosecutor will move for...

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  3. Can you plead down an mip charge

    Answered over 2 years ago.

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    Presuming that the first offense was taken under the deferred sentence statute for MIP cases [MCL 436.1703(3)], the statute specifically bars another an individual with a prior case from availing himself of the statute a second time. Although a plea to a non-MIP offense may be possible (e.g., Dist. the Peace or Disorderly Conduct) the plea will likely be to a 90-day misdemeanor. Any misdemeanor, even a non-MIP conviction, can (and probably will) result in a violation of probation on the 1st...

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  4. I am on probation and refused a pbt

    Answered about 2 years ago.

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    Refusing a PBT (in a non-commercial motor vehicle) is a civil infraction. MCL 257.625a2. It has no points and is, in fact, non-abstractable. Thus, there are no license sanctions for this offense. People often confuse the penalties of refusing a PBT with that of refusing a DataMaster (Implied Consent Refusal). An implied consent refusal carries 6 points and a one-year suspension of a person's license. Even though def. equipment (taillight) & refuse P.B.T. are both just civil infractions you...

  5. Do a need an attorney?

    Answered over 2 years ago.

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    It is always a good idea to have legal representation to assist and guide you through the legal system but particularly so in a case where the penalties are so significant. Failure to Stop or ID after P.D. Accident is a misdemeanor that carries a mandatory 6 points and $2,000 Driver Resposibility Fees ($1,000/yr. x 2yrs.) from SOS in addition to the court imposed fines/costs/fees. It should be noted that in terms of SOS points and driver Resp. Fees, the penalties are as severe as what is...