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John J. Danielski

John Danielski’s client reviews

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  • Dedicated and Responsive Divorce Attorney

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a client

    John Danielski is an excellent divorce/family attorney. After many frustrating years in a bad marriage with all the strain on the family, John really had the best interest of myself and the children at the forefront of his mind. His high level of integrity and honesty was refreshing. He really demands the very best out of himself as well as his staff. He is educated, organized, thorough and really listened to get my matters settled fairly. John is an outgoing person with an obvious love for his work and a devotion to his clients. I would highly recommend him for any divorce case or family dispute.

  • Amazing Family Attorneys - If you want results, hire John Danielski Law firm

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Christina

    My experience with Danielski Law firm was exceptional: they are dedicated and extremely knowledgeable. We found that they were easy to deal with and easy to get ahold of, especially when we would call them after hours. Their staff is an effective Law Group: Carla is an expert at juggling all the clients, phone calls, messages and information daily, her comments and suggestions and her perspective were refreshing. John is definitely a diligent, persistent and effective lawyer who knows how to get the job done for the client. We were very satisfied with the outcome of our case. I would refer them to everyone.

  • The best there is!!!!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Maurice

    I went John Danielski with a problem, being a male most of the time makes you feel as if you have already lost when it comes to going to court against your ex-wife, especially here in Michigan. John Danielski listened to me, helped me understand the law, and then assigned my case to one of his associates who did an AMAZING job! Thank you so much for your courteousness, kindness and patience. Renea, to you I say keep being as incredible as you were in court, and the sky's the limit!

  • The endless drive to drive.

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Jim

    Some attorneys I've hired in the past seem like they'd enter into a gun fight with a knife in their hand, not Danielski, he shows up with a cannon. He knows how to prepare the case and client for the maximum lawful and tangible result, bringing the argument into the courtroom armed in irrefutable detail. Mr. Danielski fought for me in a drivers license restoration case, a relentless battle originating from a DUI/OWI guilty plea, resulting in several years of punitive processes that seemed to have no end, until now. Thanks to him, my petition was finally granted for full privileges.

  • Very knowledgeable and aggressive!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Dylan

    I have dealt with several lawyers in the past and Mr Danielski is by far the best I have hired! If your looking for an aggressive and knowledgeable attorney then Mr Danielski is the right one. He got me everything I requested when it came to the visitation and well being of my daughter. My Ex's lawyer didn't stand a chance against Mr Danielski in court. I hadn't seen my daughter in years and he was able to make it happen immediately! Best thing I ever did was hire this man as my attorney! Thank you John!!

  • "John did a great job of creaming my husband in court. He nailed my husband on a bunch of lies he told and got him to admit ...

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Lawsuits & Disputes client

    He got my husband to admit to always leaving me alone to figure out a way to deal with every problem that ever came up with the kids and everything. And then to having to use the only money I ever got ahold of to take care of our sick daughter and also our oldest son when he was sick and off work that summer and my husband refused to help them.

    John first asked him if he said in his deposition that our son was a responsible adult. My husband did not remember if he said it or not so he had him read the deposition transcript aloud. Then John started asking my husband if he went to the state office with our daughter to try to get her assistance and he got him to admit that Medicaid was closed to new people cause too many people were on it. He asked him if she got food stamps and he said No which is not true - she did get them and the judge has been told that was all she got all along. So then John asked "So even though your son is a responsible person and your daughter could not get on Medicaid, did you tell your wife not to help them when they were off work sick and when your daughter needed medical help?" My husband says "Yes I told her she was not supposed to help them. Absolutely not!" I was stunned when the judge turned to my husband and said "WHY NOT SIR"!! He was sunk!!!

    John asked him about the money he hid in his mother's bank acct and if my name was on it when it was in that acct or when he moved to a money market at credit union and then if my name was on any of the savings accts etc. He had to answer No to every question cause he never let me have my name on on acct and forced me to get a loan on a life ins policy and to get cr cards etc. John knew the right order to ask the questions!

    Then John went over how much money he took out of savings accts and had in his house that he does not list anymore. He made him give an accounting of it. John went at him with "You were out living high on the hog and taking vacations while she was skimping along and having to charge stuff. You admit that she did not have credit card debt before you left her. But you do not think she should have her cr cards paid off with marital debt." I amazed at the way John set that up too.

    Then it was time to break for lunch and the judge took the lawyers in back room and told them she had already decided how to rule. She said that I get half of everything including the inheritance. She had not heard all of my husband's testimony and none of mine and she was so disgusted with my husband that she decided that I get half of even the inheritance! Imagine if she had heard the rest of my husband's testimony and then mine!! John did a GREAT JOB!!!!!

    When his lawyer was questioning him and he said he was never violent and here the judge had an assualt and battery police report sitting right there in front of her and knew he was lying about that.

    John pointed out that my husband told things one way in his interrogatories and another way in his deposition and now was telling them a third way in the trial. It was great. We knew already the judge will not believe my husband on anything and John made it so his lawyer no longer has anything to come at me about. I was amazed at how John could set things up to show what a liar and what a control freak my husband was. John is worth every penny. The mediator told me "Everyone knows that John cannot be beat in a trial but he does not come cheap." I tried to tell my husband all along that he had hired an incompetent lawyer who was only out for the money he could make being paid by the hour. He told me all the through the marriage that I did not deserve a thing and last year this time he was telling me I would not get half. I told him he was in for a big shock. He not only found out I was right on that but that he was wrong to treat me


    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Divorce client

    I never thought that I would find a lawyer like John Danielski that was so prodigious, remarkable, extremely professional, hard working, intuitive that could help me with my legal separation case. From the beginning to the end when my case went from a legal separation to a divorce case he was there helping me answering all my questions and concerns. Attorney Danielski went above and beyond to get my daughter and I the financial assistance we was deserving of from the opposing party. If I had to do this all over again John Danielski would be the one and only lawyer I would use and I highly recommend him to all my friends, family in fact to anyone that wants any of their legal issues handled by an outstanding professional lawyer such as John with a truly awesome legal team that only adds to the remarkable, wonderful, incredible work he does that gets results. I can't say this enough but thanks for everything.

  • Characterizing my integrity when he Never worked with me or handled my case

    1.0 star

    Posted by a Child Support client

    I would never recommended this firm to anyone after the way they treated me. All I wanted was to opt back into friend of the court, get my ex- husbands rears on record & be able to claim my 3 children on tax returns. First of all he shuffled me off to his partner Burger without even telling me he was going to do this. All of my goals we're meet at 1 hearing in front of a referee at the FOC building. Mr. Danielski charged me $2,500.00 up front & I was told by Mr. Burger that I had a credit of $1,300.00+ left on my account. When I asked for the money that was left over.......all of a sudden Mr. Danielski came forth trying to say it was a "flat fee" case. There was never a " flat fee" case discussed. This man, whom has never meet me called me a liar & a bully for me wanting the monies that were not used to be given back to me. The people who recommended him to me cannot believe how he has done me & how harsh he tried to degrade me!

    John J. Danielski’s response: “This matter was voluntarily submitted to binding arbitration by the firm and the arbitrator ruled that no monies were owed. The arbitration process was free.”
  • John fights for what is right! Very ethical and Understanding!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Mike

    I don't have enough words to show the gratification that John had help me with. John is a down to earth guy, that takes no BS, from anyone ! Not even his clients. Anyone that gave him a bad review is way out of line. John will tell you right from the get go; listen to what I'm saying. If you don't then you will blow your own case. How many fathers out there fight for there children and most lose. Im an average guy who has had somewhat of a past. I laid all my cards on the table and was honest with him. He will know if your trying to manipulate him or not. One review I read that said he was unethical; I can tell you that this person didn't listen to John. He has very valuable morale's
    During my separation and divorce proceedings, my now ex-wife who tried to have put out of my home not once but 3 times was overruled, thanks to John. All in all you get what you pay for. His fees are reasonable and he will work with you & consider your situation. If he doesn't return a call promptly, its most likely your not listening to him and what you may think is important is probably not. But he will address at the appropriate time.
    the key word is to listen to him! You're paying him for as a councilor; that means you want & need advice. He will give it to you straight & forward, but follow his directions. Don't go to him demanding you want this and that because you want to put the screws to your ex. He wants you to be fair and reasonable. And in return he will get you a fair & reasonable judgment. patience & listening to John is the key.
    Now I have majority of custody with my kids and peace of mind, His staff is courteous & polite, not to mention very knowledgeable.
    John is one of those guys who works hard & diligently, He is not a 9-5 guy. you can find him in his office late at night or very early in the morning and not just on M-F, many times he is in the office Saturday & Sunday also. He covers a very heavy payload.
    But so much for that on ethics, he got me everything I wanted and more!!! Today I would consider John to more of a friend than just my attorney. I'm looking forward to working with him on another case, now that my divorce is settled. and possibly a third one also.
    So again remember the keys are patience ,listening, and follow his direction. Like he says in his ad; I cant protect your heart but he can protect your rights !!!
    He's not just out there for the money as some are; He fights for what's RIGHT !!!

    Thank you John for all your hard work & dedication.


  • Fantastic at guiding me through a very contentious separation and custody case.

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Cheri

    I found that John Danielski and his staff have great experience in Michigan Law on matters of divorce, child-support, visitation, custody, and orders of protection. John was very attentive in fighting for me and I was very satisfied with the results. He is highly regarded among his peers and well known in the county courtrooms from what I've observed. I would highly recommend the Danielski Law firm for their diligence in doing a great job and getting the best results possible.