Jonathan Andrew Paul

Jonathan Andrew Paul

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About Me 

My name is Jonathan Paul, and I'm a criminal defense attorney in Michigan. Prior to entering private practice, I was an Assistant District Attorney in New York City, and an Oakland County (Michigan) Prosecutor.  As a prosecutor, I successfully prosecuted thousands of high profile felony, misdemeanor and drunk driving cases. 

During my career as a prosecutor, I never lost a trial, and had a 100 percent conviction rate.  This was a major accomplishment as the Brooklyn District Attorney's Office is the busiest in the entire country, and Oakland County has a reputation as having some of the best criminal defense attorneys in the State of Michigan.  I was pretty good at prosecuting people, but now I'm on the other side of the table using that experience for your benefit.  

I'm currently a criminal defense attorney at Kelly & Kelly, P.C., a well established law firm that has been fighting for clients for the past twenty-five years. While I'm usually the lead attorney on criminal cases, I use a team approach, which gives the client multiple legal minds working on their case, and helping the client get the absolute best outcome. 

Since leaving my career as a prosecutor, I've been selected and recognized in 2013 and 2014 by Super Lawyers Magazine as a "Rising Star"; the prestigious magazine selects the top 2.5 percent of attorneys in Michigan.  My selection by Super Lawyers Magazine was featured in Hour Detroit Magazine and the New York Times

I'm licensed to practice law in Michigan and New York.  I graduated from the University of Michigan Law School, and I'm not at all shy about bragging that I graduated from one of the best law schools in the world. My educational background and my experience as a prosecutor have pushed me to the forefront of criminal defense attorneys in Michigan.  I currently serve as the criminal law co-chair for the Washtenaw County Bar Association and I'm a member of the Oakland County Criminal Law Committee.  

Because of my success, and the demand for my services, I have an exclusive legal representation policy. This policy limits the number of criminal law cases that I accept each year. The policy was developed to ensure that my select clients receive the proper care and attention their case deserves.  I take every call, and talk to every client, but I cannot represent everyone that calls me.  If I don't have room to take your case, I will provide you with the name and number of another excellent attorney.

That being said, you should do your research, and learn about what you're looking for in a criminal defense lawyer in Michigan. You're hiring someone to protect your rights, possibly keep you out of jail, and save you from having a criminal record.  You also need to work closely with your attorney for weeks, months or even a year; you should be comfortable communicating with them.   I do the same exact thing when selecting my criminal clients.   When you contact me, I'm going to want to know about your past, your present, and future goals. Knowing more about you will allow me to tailor a strategy specifically to your goals.

When you call me, be prepared to tell me what happened, where it happened, and the stage of your case.  Once you retain my services, we will develop Plan A, Plan B and Plan C. As a former prosecutor, I will engage in productive conversations with the prosecutor in your case, and explore all of your options. We will gather all of the evidence in your case, and get a private investigator involved if necessary.  You will have options and real choices; we will work as a team to decide the next step. Don't worry, you're in good hands; I stress customer service and open communication for all my cases.

Now you have some insight into my background and my qualifications. I'm happy to provide more information, and answer your questions. About half my clients meet me in person before hiring me, the other half hire me over the phone. We can also do a video conference.  I'm open to whatever makes you comfortable.