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Jane Frances Rusin

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  • I have been contact by a lawyer that says that he can help getting my student loans decreased or even removed. Is this possible?

    They also say that they can get the co-signers removed from the loans and that they should have never asked for a co-signer when I applied for the student loans? Is this possible and correct? They say this won't hurt my credit, I'm worried that s...

    Jane’s Answer

    I would be very cautious of someone who guarantees an outcome. There are no guarantees. Why did this person seek you out? Are these government backed or private student loans? What is your goal with the student loans? Are you behind in your monthly payments? Think about it - Would a lender who has two people on the hook for the same loan let one person go when the loan is still outstanding?

    Private student loans can be discharged in bankruptcy but it takes an adversary proceeding and you must meet all requirements of the Brunner test, which is very, very, very (did I say very) difficult to do. Through an adversary proceeding a debtor can negotiate with a lender to obtain a reasonable monthly payment but the entire process is complicated and difficult.

    If you are making the monthly loan payments on time, why would a lender change things? You can try to consolidate the loans into one loan with a lower interest rate but it depends on the type of loan and lender. You need to speak with an attorney that specializes in student loan law. Not all attorneys and bankruptcy attorneys understand the nuances of law surrounding student loans. Good Luck.

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  • My roommate and I have a verbal agreement she hasnt paid rent in 3 mos and left all her belongings a month ago what can I do?

    My roommate has not paid bills or rent in about 3 months and she left all her belongings a month ago and has not been back. She refuses to come get her stuff and says she isnt paying any bill or rent money. What can I legally do?

    Jane’s Answer

    There a few questions that need to be answered. 1. Are both you and your roomate listed on the lease agreement and the utilities? If yes, then both of you are jointly and severally liable for the rent and utilities. 2. Do you have a written roommate agreement?

    If her portiion of the rent and utilities for the months she refuses to pay is $3,000 or less sue her to small claims court. If the amount she owes is greater than $3,000 sue her in district court.

    Please note that this answer does not create an attorney client relationship or constitute legal advice because every situation has different facts which make it impossible to evaluate the legal problem without a consultation.

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  • In Ohio what are my rights as a landlord for collecting the final months rent if the tenant refuses to pay?

    I signed a 6 month lease and out of the 6 the tenant has been late 4 times. I told them because of this reason I would not renew the lease and that they must leave at the end of the month, and now they refuse to pay what they owe altogether. What ...

    Jane’s Answer

    You may be able to keep the security deposit or a portion of it for the unpaid rent. The security deposit's purpose among other things is to cover any unpaid rent or damages to the rental unit by the tenants. Generally, landlords are required to return the security deposit to the tenant within a specific number of days after the lease has ended and the tenant has moved out of the rental unit and sent the landlord his/her new address.

    You need to contact a local attorney that specializes in landlord-tenant law and/or research Ohio security deposit laws on the internet.

    Disclaimer: Please note that this answer does not create an attorney-client relationship or constitute legal advice because each situation has different facts and every state has different laws, which makes it impossible to evaluate the legal problem without a consultation.

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  • My roommate does not pay her rent, can I sue her?

    my roommate's and my name are both on the lease. But the landlord only accept one total rent pay check from us. So usually my roommate pay me her part of rent by cash, and I pay the landlord the whole rent through my own check. But now my roommate...

    Jane’s Answer

    If both names are on the lease then you are both liable for the rent. If you do not pay the rent and are still living there the landlord can evict you for nonpayment of rent. You can sue your roomate for the rent she owes you. Under $3000 you would sue in small claims court. Over $3000 you can sue in district court.

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  • Landlord to Tenant.

    I have evicted a tenant, but they still owe me over $2000.00, But they also left me with there water bill that they have not paid for either. How can I collect the money they owe me for rent and water?

    Jane’s Answer

    You could bring a lawsuit against them for the unpaid rent and water bill. It would be best if you speak with an attorney who can assess your situation and tell you the options available.

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  • In michigan does a landlord have to provide parking? where do i park if there is no parking available?

    the only avaible parking for my building is on the side of the street. there are no parking lots within a safe distance and we have no where to park without being ticketed

    Jane’s Answer

    Check the lease agreement. If the lease agreement states that the landlord will provide parking, then he/she must follow the agreement. If the lease agreement does not cover parking, then check with the local ordinances. Most likely the local ordinance will not cover parking.

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