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Richard W. Pierce

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  • My conditional 2 year green card is expired, Spouse will not support I 751 petition. Can USCIS order deportation if there's

    Divorce proceedings ?, my fiancée now willing to petition me once divorced. If I choose to leave the country on my own, can I come back or be petition outside the US? What can be done to extend my visa while waiting for the divorce and the new pet...

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    Whether you may come back will depend on a number of factors; most important might be what is current status and if entered legally. Even if entered legally, but have overstayed by six months or more, may not get back in without waiver. If legally entered but overstayed, if remain and get married to US citizen, may be eligible for permanent residence anyway.

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  • Overstayed visa, expired 12/06/2009 left USA 5/28/2010. Is there a penalty and can she apply for another family or fence' visa?

    1) Chinese female married US citizen in China 2/28/2005. 2)Received family visa temporary green card 12/6/2006 to 12/6/2008. 3)Received document to exchange temporary green card for permanent green card 12/06/2008 to 12/06/2009. Troubled relatio...

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    Agree not subject to three year bar. In US now? What happened to the I-751? If denied, may be able to file now on good faith marriage having ended in divorce. What kind of doucment have now re: LPR? My office is in Ann Arobr (over 25 years)

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