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Andrew W. Mayoras

Andrew Mayoras’s client reviews

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  • Best decision we ever made - totally turned around our case.

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Steve

    We were in the middle of a contentious case, that was proceeding slowly and poorly. We had reached a critical juncture. Replacing our existing lawyer with Andy proved to be the turning point. He ending up saving us hundreds of thousands of dollars.
    Since we were out-of-state clients, we would order the DVD recordings of every hearing. It was impressive to watch Andy present our case in a clear and convincing manner. His knowledge of probate law in Michigan was superior not only to the other attorneys, but a few times even the judge would look to Andy for statutory guidance. To my surprise, every single motion Andy presented the court was granted. After watching the opponents lawyer embarrass themselves on several occasions, we felt fortunate that Andy was on our side.
    Andy answered all of our questions and always kept us in the loop. He was honest about which issues he thought should be litigated and which should be settled out-of-court to keep legal expenses as low as possible.
    Our only regret was that we did not find him at the start of our case. It would have saved at least a year of our time, and an incalculable amount of money. Once your legal opponent(s) see what they are up against, the dynamics of the case will change dramatically when they realize they can't take advantage of you.
    If you have to go through serious litigation, don't waste your money unless you hire the best lawyer possible. For us, that was Andy Mayoras.

  • Excellent legal representation

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Susan

    We engaged Andrew Mayoras when it became clear that a conflictual family situation had developed that would require legal guidance. Andrew's knowledge about elder law and trusts were invaluable. He was very responsive and because of our interest in being involved; he shared much of the process with us and allowed us to provide input to documents. He took the time to educate us about the law, process, and what to expect. Even though our situation had unusual twists and turns, Andrew believed and understood our position and was effective in advocating for our rights; and ultimately winning our trial case based upon the facts. He was always respectful, polite, and sensitive to all the difficult dynamics at play. There are many traits that I valued in Andrew, but his ethics and integrity I greatly appreciated. This was evident not only in his counsel to us, but in his court appearances and settlement meetings; a stark contrast to the other side's attorneys. I would not hesitate in recommending him to others.

  • Andy Mayoras — Why Hire Anyone Else?

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Ted

    If you are looking for a calm, collected and confident attorney who is experienced, knowledgeable, caring, trustworthy and accessible, Andy Mayoras is the one. Any attorney can win an easy case. But not all cases are easy. Most are not. Not everything goes as planned. Sometimes, things go bad. When things get crazy, tempers flare and the chips are down, Andy is right there with a calm voice of reason and experience. He knows when to speak up in court when he needs to and knows when to shut up when you are winning. In addition, Andy is accessible on evenings and weekends and is dedicated to helping his clients. His work ethic and client compassion are exemplary. Plus, he favored my position over my brother's position (also a client) once so you know he is smart!

  • Andy Mayoras - EXCELLENT Attorney

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Owen

    Andy is a very honest, intelligent, insightful attorney.

    He pays great attention to the all important details.

    If you want a lawyer who keeps you informed and does a great job...
    I more than recommend Andrew Mayoras.

    Thank you for all your help Andy.


  • Godsend!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Victoria

    We are from out of state, and had a Michigan lawyer that was handling our case...we were getting nowhere as our case was being dragged along. We began searching, and found our Godsend!!! Without Andy, we would have lost everything!! Mr. Mayoras is precise, professional, and the best litigator you WANT and NEED on your side!! I thank God for Andy, and appreciate his hard work. He has the same enthusiasm today as he had on day one. Thank you Andy!!

  • Excellent help for people dealing with Elder Law issues

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Thomas

    Mr. Mayoras was an amazing help to me recently. I was faced with legal and personal issues dealing with a parent recently diagnosed with Alzheimer's. He worked with both me and my parent ( who had developed the disease) as to what options were available to keep her safe and protected. Mr. Mayoras laid out several options and gave me his candid opinions on which options had the best chance of success. He was candid in his opinions, showed great respect and concern to not only me, but also my parent as well. Having never expected to face a situation like this in my life, Mr. Mayoras took great care in answering all of my questions to ensure my full understanding of the situation, process and associated costs. He was readily available whenever I needed to contact him.
    Elder Law and Alzheimers are ever growing issues in the United States. It is crushing to have to slowly lose a loved one this mind ravaging illness. I highly recommend Mr. Mayoras as a trust worthy attorney who is very current on all the issues involving Elder Law.
    By writing this review, it is my way of thanking him for helping me through a difficult period and opening my eyes to how best to deal with an elderly parent when legal issues present themselves.

  • Highly Competent

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Anne

    I would not hesitate to recommend Andy after he handled my claim for breach of fiduciary duty. He carefully listened to all my concerns, kept me informed and got me a great result without having to go to trial.

  • Out of State Client Review

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Probate client

    I first located Andrew Mayoras through some internet research for a Michigan Probate Litigator as I live out of state. After relating some facts regarding my situation Mr. Mayoras requested an hour to research a few rulings. His explanations and evaluations were substantial enough for me to retain him and continue my quest for a court ruling. My confidence in the firms experience and guidance grew from that point on. My communications with the firm were through emails and phone calls. This communication enabled me to discuss issues with my attorneys. It also kept me informed as they successfully lead the way through the court maize of discovery,petitions, interrogatories, court orders, depositions, motions, rulings and mediation. I made only one long trip to Michigan. The court eventually ruled in my favor on major items in a Motion for Summary Disposition. This rare ruling is what truly opened the door to Mediation and saved the courts and me considerable time and money. Due to the knowledge and expertise of Andrew Mayoras and Kari Low this endeavor has had a storybook ending which was both a surprise and a blessing.