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Ryan Daniel Streefkerk

Ryan Streefkerk’s Client Reviews

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  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Marc

    Attention to detail and very competent

    I was in house counsel for company and hired Ryan to represent my employer in a lawsuit. He was thorough, competent, and got the job done.

  • 1.0 star

    Posted by Alan

    Very Disappointed

    I went to school with Mr. Streefkerk, so I naturally called him for representation. I faxed him my paperwork and we met for a consultation. My goals were to have my hearing date moved and to dismiss an illegitimate PPO that had been filed against me, with my main focus on getting court date moved. Mr. Streefkerk agreed that the allegations held no merit and ensured me it would be no problem to have the court date moved. We agreed on a price of $750, with no specific date established for payment. Mr. Streefkerk was subsequently unable to get the court date moved and I had to miss a vacation to attend my hearing. After this, I doubted Mr. Streefkerk's effectiveness as counsel and began questioning whether I should pay him to represent me in court. When there was no other movement on his behalf with my case and he began requesting money to move forward with anything, we decided to terminate our relationship. Since termination, Mr. Streefkerk has been extremly rude via text message and has sent messages to me such as "loser" and "deadbeat". I can assure you that I am neither. He informed me that he is very upset because I declined representation and he didn't make any money. I received a bill for $29 a couple weeks after our relationship had ended. I have since contacted other representation. My new attorney has much more experience than Mr. Streefkerk and was shocked that he was unable to complete a simple task, such as having a court date moved.

    My final opinion is that Mr. Streefkerk lacks the experience to be effective/persuasive within the judicial community, is very immature in regards to business practices and should only be trusted to handle the simplest of duties.

    Ryan Daniel Streefkerk’s response: “Client contacted my office regarding a PPO matter arising out of Oakland County. After discussing the details of the case, the parties came to a mutual agreement as it pertained to both my representation as well as my fee in this matter. In the 2 weeks leading up to the hearing, client made daily promises to furnish full payment to my office. After 1 week, client failed to tender payment. I advised client I would submit a motion to withdraw as counsel due to to the fact that there remained no reasonable likelihood of payment. I performed no work on the file after this point and ultimately the Court granted my order to withdraw based on these reasons. Following my representation, I sent monthly billing statements seeking my out-of-pocket costs acquired during my representation. I advised client that I would not be seeking any attorney fee in this matter, despite the client's conduct. I have finally received reimbursement for my $29.00 costs after 3 months have passed and now consider this matter closed.”