Michael knows just about every clerk, court officer and judge everywhere he goes. I was pleasantly surprised, since I hired him without knowing exactly who he was. A friend referred me to him, because Michael had won an acquittal in my friend's jury trial. I had several criminal matters in three counties, including three probation violations. However, I had finally grown up and had been working for two years without getting into trouble. Michael didn't brag about what he would do for me, but said that he could probably keep me out of jail. He seemed to know how each judge would decide my cases and violations and told me how much in fines and costs I'd probably have to cough up, and planned out which courts to go to first--he seemed honest, but he was predicting alot and I was a bit unsure about whether he actually knew about all of the judges like he said he did. It took about two months to get all of my cases squared away. Everywhere we went, everybody seemed to know him and like him. Everywhere we went, other attorney's joked with him and told me I had a great attorney. Even the prosecutors liked him. Time after time, his read on what the judge was going to do was accurate--sometimes the judges even did better than Michael predicted. By the time we were all done, I had come to know him as an honest, humble, hard working, highly respected attorney. The only down side is that he's so busy, I sometimes had to wait a good portion of the morning for him to arrive. Sometimes I was first though. Plus I got to see what other attorneys were doing for their clients. He'd tell me the night before court what time he'd get to court, but made me arrive on time, which annoyed me at first. But after the first couple of hearings, I saw that the other attorneys did the same. I rate him a 10 out of 10.