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  1. I am currently in drug court my case was not for drugs it was for assault, I'm getting my mmj card April 3.

    Answered about 1 month ago.

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    Essentially you are asking whether you should be asking for permission or forgiveness for the medical use of cannabis. As the other lawyers have suggested, and in most situations, it is better to be safe than sorry when dealing with Judges. Your situation of being in Drug Court makes this answer that much easier, in that obviously the Court is monitoring, by way of testing, any and all alcohol or drugs that you may be ingesting, which will ultimately lead to you needing to explain why you have...

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  2. Am I able to get copies of lab reports from a firearm that was tested?

    Answered 21 days ago.

    1. Daniel P. Hilf
    2. Joshua Mark Pease
    3. Nathan Ashley Yow
    4. Michael A. Komorn
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    Any and all evidence in the possession of the state must be made available to the defendant in any case. That includes inculpatory evidence ( evidence likely to be used against you) as well as exculpatory evidence ( evidence that is contrary to the state theory of guilt ). This would include any and all lab reports. The fact that no evidence of fingerprints exist on the gun will be helpful in your case, however the issue of proving the gun charges may not be as simple as fingerprint evidence...

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  3. I'm on felony probation I have my first drug test coming up I have done everything I was order to do but I stated back smoking

    Answered 23 days ago.

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    It is best to call an attorney if you are confident that your drug screens will result in a violation of your terms of bond or probation. Assuming that you are not a medical marihuana patient and or using marihuana medicinally, a positive drug screen for cannabis or thc from the courts perception, will be indicative that you have a drug problem or issues with addiction. In order to confront this perception in a responsible way, there are specific strategies that can be employed to be best...

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  4. I am being charged with indecent/obscene behavior but it wasn't me, do I need a lawyer?

    Answered 28 days ago.

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    There are many people sitting in prisons all over the country and within the state of Michigan for crimes they did not commit. I would definitely recommend that you hire a lawyer. Even though you are charged with a crime, the law requires that you are presumed innocent. That presumption should never change, and will stay with you throughout the entire case unless the government can prove at trial beyond a reasonable doubt that you committed the crime. If the government fails in this...

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  5. Can I question a victim/witness myself even if I have an attorney?

    Answered about 1 month ago.

    1. Steven M. Cron
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    It is not a good decision for a person accused of a crime to interact with or to question a victim/witness. The concern would be an allegation of threatening or intimidating a witness. By definition, a witness in a criminal case is adverse to the accused; any interaction outside of Court if complained of, and will be perceived negatively by the Court and may result in bond being amended or revoked. This is even truer if the questioning is a witness who is a victim in your case. If the...

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