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Posted by: Ursula, a Criminal Defense client about 5 years ago.

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I hired Mark more than 3 years ago.

Mark handled my Criminal Defense matter.

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We are presently engaged with Attorney Mark A. Satawa to represent our son Daniel, who has been wrongfully convicted of a crime he did not commit. When we met and after talking and observing Mark I was convinced that Mark is a true innovator in terms of his approach to defending our son. I feel that he uses his superior people skills and legal prowess to either convince the Michigan State Supreme Court, and at the same time the Parole Board, and also the prosecutor to do what he wants for a client and that is: that justice will be served. I noticed Mark's focused approach in my son's case, his solid integrity, and his zealous approach in our son's case, have earned my highest respect and therefore I believe Mark will also have the highest respect of the judges before whom he practice. With confidence, I therefore state that in my opinion Mark is an outstanding attorney and counselor and we along with our son Dan put our trust and hope into his hand, to demonstrate and will proof that an innocent man was wrongfully convicted, imprisoned due to a false allegation by a women, and with the hope that our son's name will be cleared and that he will regain his Freedom again. A family that is bounded by love and caring.