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Eric Pazner’s client reviews

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  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Andrew

    Hired Attorney

    Thank You Eric

    I am a older college student that has made some mistakes in my life, I also have a 5 year old, with a woman that I am no longer with. I was not about to let my child make the same mistakes I did, if there was absolutely anything I could do about it. I was referred to Eric and I met with him and immediately knew this was an honest man that believed fathers deserved equal representation and a fair shot at being heard by the court of law. I went to him explaining that I had very little money, but wanted to put my child in the best school district as possible, which would give him opportunities in the hopes that he would not make the same mistakes as me. Not only did Eric work with me, he got me the results I wanted for a fair and reasonable price.
    I want to say thank you Eric for sticking by me and helping me get through this. I would also strongly recommend Eric Pazner if you are a father that wants what is best for your child and want a lawyer that doesn't just look at you as another paycheck.


  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Jacob

    Very Professional and Knowledgeable

    I recently went through my divorce between April 2014 and January of this year. Mr. Pazner was extraordinarily knowledgeable of the Oakland County court system, and was great about helping me navigate the ins and outs, and answering all of my questions as we went along. In the end, I was able to keep my house, and retain 50/50 custody of my children, as well as entitlement to half of my ex-wife's 401(k). Mr. Pazner or his legal assistant were very responsive any time I had a question, and returned emails and phone calls promptly, and despite being a painful process, they helped make the proceedings as painless as possible, all without breaking my budget. The only drawback was having to pay $4000 retaining fees up front in one lump sum, but it was not unmanageable. I am very satisfied with the end results, and that is certainly what counts!

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Travis

    Very impressed and with the outcome I was looking for.

    I originally hired Eric as my divorce lawyer in 2009. With that case he was very upfront about everything that was going on with the case. Mine was a straight forward case with very little back and forth with other party. Every thing was done out of court and made life easy for me. The outcome of that case was very favorable and was not taken further than needed. My original retainer with him was reasonable, and due to my case being pretty quick, there was no request for additional funds.

    Secondly, I hired Eric again in 2014 to handle my child support case with same party from above divorce. Again the retainer was fair (actually I got a bit back at the end). Again kept me informed of everything that was happening and moved everything along as quick as possible. In the end, I ended up going through friend of the court, but with Eric's knowledge it made me feel a lot better about the numbers I should expect to be seeing as an outcome.

    Thank you Eric. :)

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Tom

    Finally the Answer, Thank you Eric for helping improve the quality of life for my children and I.

    I am another one of those guys were the ex has become completely unreasonable and abusing many of my rights with my children. I contacted Eric and because of my busy schedule was able to engage him remotely. He drafted a very well written order that addressed many years of issues. Not only does Eric “get-it” but he is very thorough, well spoken, and I must say was very impressed with how well he controlled the dialogue in front of the referee making sure that they stuck to the facts and got answers.

    If it was a competition id say "Eric Won”, I was able to have scheduled telephonic time, Now have two weeks’ vacation in the summer, reasonable meeting place from her long distance move and minimal interruption to the children schooling during the mothers unilateral move pulling the children from their current school district.

    One final, compliment, is that Eric has the best follow up I have seen to date. You ask a question and you get a response. 6AM or on Saturdays not problem he is responding.

    Thanks again Eric for the fine job in representing me and enforcing my rights with my children, I am now planning our first 2 week vacation since the 8 years that I have been divorced thanks to you!!!

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by collin

    very professional

    Eric was very professional. Even though we did not have to go through the court process he kept me informed and aware of all steps. His pricing was very fair I highly recommend him to any one going through divorce and or child battles..

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Curtis

    Great divorce attorney for dads

    Initially I was nervous about hiring this law firm as it is one of the prominent names in the area. However, from the consultation to the completion of my divorce Eric was the only attorney I worked with, which I found comforting. His knowledge and experience working for men only showed throughout my divorce. He paid great attention to detail and ensured everything I asked for was entered into my divorce agreement. Although I exceeded my expected budget I feel it was worth it to secure my future.

    Thanks for evrything,

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Bob

    Very solid divorce attorney!

    I had a straightforward divorce case and Eric handled it well. He always explained what the process was, what he was going to do, what I could expect, etc. I found him to be honest with me and my experience was pretty much exactly as he described. Fee-wise he was in line with other lawyers I looked at. He did not nickel and dime me and I came out where I thought I would.

    I recommend Eric wholeheartedly!

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Chris

    My experience with Eric Pazner for child custody

    In 2009 my son was moved three hours away to the west side of the state. I hired a lawyer to handle my custody case. I placed a hefty retainer with someone who gave me the run around and used up my full retainer with no results. I was discouraged and frustrated. My wife did some research and found Eric Pazner; she called him for a brief telephonic interview. We arranged a consult, I brought all of my documentation and information fom the original lawyer I hired. Immediately Eric reviewed everything and pointed out errors from my prior lawyer. Eric explained the law, child custody and gave me hope. Eric explained time and cost to handle my case. I expressed my goals for parenting time and expectations for joint legal custody. Eric Pazner informed me that everything I wanted for my son's relationship and I were realistic goals. Eric Pazner educated me on my legal rights as a father. Eric Pazner did all of this at our first meeting. I retained him to handle my custody case. My case was very complex, this wasn't a divorce custody case. The mother of my son and I split when he was six months old. I had no legal custody prior to hiring Eric. I had a visitation schedule only. Eric Pazner handled this case between two different counties three hours away that made the paper work hectic. Eric Pazner stayed in contact with me every step of the way. He responded to all emails and phone calls the same day. As most custody cases, mine was nasty. There was false allegations that normally would drag the case on. Eric Pazner abolished the non-sense and kept the case moving to be finalized. Eric Pazner achieved and surpassed all my expectations. I currently have joint legal custody of my son. I have a very detailed parenting schedule to ensure I am a active part of my son's life. If I had not hired Eric Pazner, I would have never been able to be a constant figure in my son's life. My son 10 years old now, will have a relationship with me, his step mom, his nana, aunts, uncles and cousins. After custody was established other issues occurred. I had to retain Eric two more times. Even though years had pasted from my original case, it was as if Eric handled it yesterday. His memory was amazing, he remembered details from my original case. Which made my more current issues easy to manage. Eric Pazner yet again was able to cut the unnecessary drama out and make my case about facts for the best interest for my son. I have worked with Eric Pazner three times now. Eric Pazner is ethical, reasonable, knowledge and honest. Eric Pazner has always given me his honest opinion and advice. You can't put a price tag on a relationship with your child, Eric Pazner was worth every penny spent.

  • 4.0 stars

    Posted by Danny

    very good, but is always on you about money

    Knows his stuff more than almost any other lawyer. Is very knowledgeable and knows his stuff. Got me a great custody deal and everything. Just make sure you have money up front. He does not work on owing as you go. He wants a positive balance at all times. Would give higher for trustworthy but he threatened to walk away a few times if he didn't get some money. But is very good

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Roger

    Great attorney! Accomplished my goal

    My son moved in with me and my ex refused to modify child support by agreement. Eric filed a motion, she got her own lawyer and she finally agreed to terminate my child support obligation without having to go to court. My bill was fair and it was totally worth knowing she got told by her own lawyer that she had to pay for that she was wrong. Eric is great at what he does and very knowledgable. Saved me money by not having to go to court.